Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Just updating all over the place today

Obvioulsy I'm back from Ohio. Why have I not posted on it? Well to tell the truth, I'm still pretty high from it all. And Ohio is not a place I'd think would make me high. What with the stinky paper plant in Chilocothe that smells like sourkraut and the coke plant in Steubenville that alternately smells like sulfur or coal oil. But so much stuff happened that affected me at a personal level that I'v e not had time to process it all. Still editing hundreds of photos and trying to decipher copies of handwritten documents from 200 years ago and oh the ecstacy of standing on the farm my great, great, great, great grandfather owned 200 years ago. Man. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, last night I was up backing until 2 am. I fell asleep watching X files and ruined the red velvet cake oranges but the pumpkin crisp and the fresh apple upside down cake I made earlier turned out perfect. Pix and recipe to come tomorrow.

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