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Press OK

I have to be in Willard, Ohio on Sunday night for a Press OK starting Monday morning at 7:30 am. It's is supposed to last 12 hours which almost never happens. With breakdowns and shift changes it will likely go 36 hours plus. I'll have to be awake for all of that. I'll take a lap top and keep making entries so everyone can see how punchy I get. The drive takes about 8 hours and I'm just praying I don't hit bad weather. There are basically two routs you can take and both of them suck in bad weather. You can head up to Chicago and the take the Interstate cross country to Toledo and then go as little south and east on state highways and US routes or take I-74 to Indy and then I-70 to Columbus and then US Routes north for 2 hours through Amish country and try to avoid hitting someone in a haorse drawn carriage. Where is Willard you ask? About 45 minutes south of the great lakes. Good old lake effect snow if the weather turns bad. There are only two things in Willard worth noting as far as I can tell. The RR Donnelly Printing plant where I will be and the Pepperidge Farms plant. I'll be sure to get a 10 pound bag of Goldfish. I've always been there in the winter (the three times I've been before) so I've no idea what it looks like in warm weather. It could be quite pretty. But it's pretty grey and dismal in the winter. Not like I care because I'll be inside a plant with no windows for two days but...

I've been on Press Ok's where I go in one moring and don't get out until Midnight the next day and I lose all sense of time or day of the week. I just know that every 45 minutes, I have to go down to the press and check the forms as they come off. Give me a little bit morer cyan here and and little less black there. The type is a little off register, can we do something with that? Those faces are awfully muddy, I want skin tones damnit! And if I get really lucky...STOP THE PRESSES!

Of course in about 2 dozen press Ok's, I've only been able to say that twice. Makes you feel important though to see all this vast array of machinery coming to a halt at your command.

I love the work and I can't really complain about the location because I love to travel. Plus I've been begging my boss for a year for another Press OK. Be careful what you wish for.




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Dec. 14th, 2005 03:36 pm (UTC)
Heh, sounds like you really enjoy that kind of work! Kyle and I will be driving around that area (up to MI actually). We're also hoping to avoid bad weather - our drive will be much longer though, of course, coming from FL.

Anyway, have a safe trip, and I hope you get to yell out "Stop the presses!" one more time heh
Dec. 19th, 2005 05:28 am (UTC)
Depending on which route you took to get here, you probably passed my sister and her boyfriend on the road.
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