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Back in Seattle

I'm back in town today after spending a wonderful day and a half out on the Olympic Penninsula. The first day I was out there, I drove to where the road ended, no the furthest west I could go but almost. I took some nice shots along he coast and found my seedy little town to stay in. Moclips, WA. It was foggy and rainy like I wanted. I had dinner and several Widmer Hafenweizens at the Windjammer restaurant. Got to rub elbows with some of the locals as we watched a couple of the NCAA basketball games. Then yesterday I went back up the coast to the Quinalt Indian Reservation where I got some wonderful shots on the rock strewn beaches and finally did a little Spring welcoming ritual. The town Taloha on the reservation is a down at the heels fishing village where they still carve and use the the dugout canoes. Friendly but suspicious folks there and I kinda raised a little fuss with loacl law enforcement by getting out of my car and heading up the beach to take some pictures. I think they thought I might be messing with people's fishing boats but when they saw I was just taking pictures, they were cool with it.

Then I beat feet back to Seattle and had dinner at Mori Japanese Restaurant with the loveley and vivaciousneversremedy and her very precocious and beautiful daughter Ana and the always wonderful duskfrog. Yes they got me to eat sushi and I liked it. I ate the Dragon roll, California Roll, the crab thing and the shrimp thing and the seaweed thing. And Green Tea Ice Cream for dessert. Score another victory over Wander's taste buds for the Seattle crowd. Later our froggy friend went to a performance at the Erotic Art Festival and I took the other two ladies back home where they gave me wonderful herbal tea and treated me to a viewing of Priscilla, Queen of the dessert.

After that I went home (well Joe's apartment anyway) and had some yogurt with granola and a cup of green tea before falling asleep watching basketball. Today i've heard rumors that I'll be going to the Erotic art Festival as well. Though I didn't really bring anything that nice to wear. I'll have to check the financial situation and see if there is enough left to maybe go buy a nice shirt.




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Mar. 25th, 2006 11:02 pm (UTC)
After all that talk about food... yeah... Queen of the Dessert!! lol ;P

I'm suprised you haven't got into sushi until now. Congrats for liking it!
Mar. 30th, 2006 04:06 pm (UTC)
I's always considered sushi to be uncooked fish like bait. Never really wanted to try it. But when you have two gorgeous women coaxing you to try it, your opinion can change a bit.

Mar. 26th, 2006 07:04 am (UTC)
I'm proud of you for having the courage to eat the sushi--quite an adventure you're having, if only for your taste buds. I'm not sure I've ever been described as vivacious before; thank you. ^__^ Glad to have had you as a guest, if only for a short while. Be well and enjoy the remainder of your journey. If you did go in drag, I expect pictures!
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