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a little dissapointed

It's been a long day already and I only just got back from lunch. I'm a little dissapointed with the way things have been shaping up lately. I've been working with this artist since June on a project for someone else's book, not even my own. I got the finals on all his illustrations yeasterday and they are nowhere close to what we were expecting. I've already paid this guy thousands of dollars, so now I have to get on the phone and bitch at him to get things right. I don't want to piss him off too much because I need him on a phase of my project that starts next week. Arghhh! Artists frustrate me sometimes!

Next, my favorite uncle was diagnosed with colon cancer last month. He's 83 and he suffers from a bit of dementia which he takes drugs to manage and lives by himself. His wife died two years ago but he's done pretty well at taking care of himself. They operated yesterday and removed some hemorhoids as well. He came out of the surgery fine but he's going to have to use a colonoscopy bag now. But instead of letting him go home after recovery, his two gold digging daughters have decided to just shove him in some nursing home rather than help him to manage on his own. Hiring someone part time or letting Hospice help out would be much cheaper but it would be more of an inconveniece in their lives. SO their solution is to put him in a hole somewhere and let him die. I say this because he's always said and asked that he doesn't want to be put in a home.As soon as my dad heard what was planned, he said "Well that will be the end of him!" And it probably will. It's to the point with my folks that they are considering selling their house in NC and coming back here to help take care of him. My folks are in their early 60's and his daughters are in their late 40's. So you would think they would be better prepared to take care if him.

So all this has been going through my head this week and it's been causing enough stress I haven't been sleeping well. So this morning, the alarm goes off at 6:45 and I shut if off the first time. Deb shut it off at least once as well. So anyway at 8:00, the doorbell rings and it's the meter reader from the power company. If the doorbell had not rung, I would never have woke up. I have to be at work by 8:30 and it's a 12 minute drive. By 8:15, I had made Deb coffee, fed the cats, thrown my shirt in the dryer to get de-wrinkled, took a shower and got dressed. Luckily it's casual Friday or I'd have been in real trouble. I race off to work and got here just five minutes late. Snuck past my bosses office and got to mine and shut the door before anyone could see me. Turned on the radio and computer and acted like I'd been here for 20 minutes already.

The one highlight of the day was we had a company-wide lunch where we all went out to this apple farm for a meal and to just screw around. I had fun going through this big ass maze they have cut into a corn field. Problem was, no one wanted to come back to work afterward. Temps are in the low 80's. It's bad enough, we all have windows in our office so we can see the blue sky and bright sun. It's just plain cruel to make someone come back to work after being out in it.

That's it damnit. After three weekends of getting ready for festivals and shows, I'm just going to do nothing but fish and drink this weekend. Maybe I'll even get laid. I better not think about it or it won't happen.

Hope everyone else has a good weekend though. I'll leave you with this picture I took last week of sunset on the Mississippi River. Hope you like it.




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Oct. 20th, 2000 01:46 pm (UTC)
How Pretty..
Lovely Picture!!! Thanks for posting it.. -Mystrys
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