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Leaving Seattle

Today is my last day here. I'm not anxious to leave behind friends I'm just beginning to know in person. Last night I had duskfrog over to Joes apartment for dinner. Together we made potato lasagna with drunken mangoes and chantilly creme for dessert.....can we say WOW?

I need to buy Joe a new bottle of vodka now though. We also had a terrific organic cabernet sauvingon.

Saturday night we attended the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. That was a lot of fun. Nope, I didn't go in drag. K did though. I got a few photos which I'll post when I get back home tomorrow. The event allowed no photos except by staff photogs and press. It was wonderful meeting wistfulmuse and her husband and seeing her and other aerial acts perform. I most liked the performance art. The photography and other media was interesting too though some was a little old hat and some I'd have a very hard time calling art...though as they say that was in the eye of the beholder.

There was a cartoonist there who was taking stories of the way people lost their virginity and making illustrated panels of them. The ultimate hope was that he could get it published in book form. As you can imagine, not everyone loses their virginity in happy ways. He wasn't leaving out the negative aspects either. I gave him my story and we had a good laugh about it. It will be interesting to see if it gets in the book.

I'm going to head down to Pike Place Market again in a bit and see if I can get some pics of the fishmongers throwing the fish. Then it's back up to K's to install her new computer and get it all running correctly before I come back here and pack. i'm taking the red eye out to Chicago tonight and then down to Peoria in the morning. My flight gets in 15 minutes before I have to be at work. How is that for cutting it close?

Oh and in case anyone was wondering, the Seattle shooting took place a few blocks away from where I'm staying. I heard the cop cars go by but I didn't see anything.




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