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Birthdays and hangovers

Well I was hung over this morning but not now. This is the first time I've had a few minutes to update since I came in at 8 this morning. This is what happens when I skip work for a day. In addition to getting 2 new chapters worht of art assignments in for the Carpentry book, I got another new one in for Mechanical Drawing. Sheesh. They don't want much out of me do they. We started the day out with a lovely status meeting...I hate those damn things. They are basically a useless excersize especially since I send out an updated status sheet every week.

I can tell I'm loved around here though. Lori, the beautiful blonde ex-model made me a late birthday cake. White cake with pistacio pudding filling and pistacio whipped cream icing...to die for. There were tons of cards in my mailbox from all my co-workers. My beautiful brunette boss Ardis gave me a basket of Mexican snacks. A bag of tortilla chips, a jar of homemade salsa, a jar of sundried tomato mustard and a loaf of jalapeno cheese bread...YUMMY!

They also took me out to lunch today. To Carlos O'Kelly's even though Deb and I went there last night. Of course when you got out with your boss, you can't slurp down Margaritas but I made up for it with an order of fried ice cream and even remembered to bring Deb back an order of chips and salsa.

I also got my yearly review today. I did exceptionally well. I exceeded expectations in all area. I ended up with a 4.5 rating out of 5 and consequently got a 4.5% raise over last year. Sounds like alot but it will only add like $45 to each paycheck. Still it's better than a sharp stick in the eye. I'll see it start on April 13.

Yesterday, I went for a walk in the woods where deer gifted me with a fine set of antlers for my collection. Jake the Dog had a good time swimming in the creek which is flooded from the melting snow. I saw Gwen in town and she promised to take me out for drinks on Saturday.

I drove to Vermont, Illinois and had a late breakfast of apricot scones and Earl Grey tea and read a chapter of White Fang which I'm re-reading after several years. Then I went wandering through the various antique shops and talked to all the locals about local stuff. At 12:30, I drifted over to the Vermont Tap, a down at the heels tavern just off the main drag. I was the first one in but was soon joined by a number of old American Legion members who reveled in talking about this young whipper snapper or that one and what things were like when they were young. One asked me if I had a job and I told him it was my birthday and I took the day off. So they all wanted to buy me a drink. In the end, I got out with 3 shots and a beer. Jose Cuervo, Jim Beam and Glenlivet. But in turn, I bought the bar a round of draft beer. I went out to the cemetery to take pictures of burial sites of dead relatives and found several new ones I hadn't known were there.

Then I took off for Ipava and repeated my tavern performance at two bars there only one shot each as I hadn't had that much too eat yet. I drove on to Lewistown and had lunch at a down home meat and potatoes place and had a slice of fresh baked raspberry pie for dessert. I went over to the court house to get copies of my great, great, great grandfather and great, great, great, great grandfather's wills. Then I drove to Peoria so Deb could take me to dinner. Carlos O'Kelly's of course where I had large amounts of burritos with sour cream and mas raspberry margaritas. The whole time we were there, this thin little brunette in the next booth kept glancing at me. I began to wonder if I had some food on my face or something but then she started winking at me. Luckily Deb didn't see this or I might have been in trouble. I was actually enjoying the attention. I had fried ice cream for dessert with honey sauce.

We stayed pretty late drinking. Deb was drinking Michelob drafts and we both commented on how nice it was to get out since we hadn't been out of the house for dinner in months. After ward, we went home and watched the Season Premier of the Sopranos which I had recorded on Sunday and then last night's episode of NYPD Blue we had recorded. I had a few swigs of sweet NC wine and we finally got to bed around 1 am. What a nice birthday.

And to top it all off, I had another one of those memorable dreams. This time, Deb and I were at some kind of convention. It was in a huge convention center and we kept going from one seminar to another. At one point, we were in this huge crowd and we got separated although it didn't seem like either of us was too worried about it. I ended up in this room with two guys and a girl. The guys seemd familiar but I still can't place them. The girl was the brunette from Carlos O'Kelley's last night that kept winking at me. The two guys sat on this one couch together and I was laying on the other one. The girl came over and laid down next to me spoon style. I had my arm draped across her chest. She was wearing tight jeans and a charcoal grey T-Shirt. Her hair was about shoulder length and curled under on the ends. She smelled of Sand and Sable perfume. She kept snugging into me and I can't for the life of me remember what was on the TV. Gods know why.

Eventually she turned around to face me and we had this nice long, slow deep kiss. After our lips parted, I asked her if she wanted me and she just smiled and looked over at the two guys on the couch. The magically disapeared as did the TV and the room turned into an intimate little hotel room and the couch into a big warm bed. For some reason I didn't think any of this was wierd. She kissed me again and magically our clothes vanished and we were passionately holding and touching each other and pretty much driving each other insane.

Then, just as we were about to make love, I stopped her and said I couldn't do this. I knew It was a betrayal of Deb and I would just end up feeling guilty about it. She didn't seem displeased at all. She just smiled at me and slowly faded to nothingness. The hotel room became the convention room again and the two guys were there on the couch. I asked them what happend to the girl and tahy looked at me puzzled and asked "What Girl?" I wandered back out into the crowd and found Deb and hugged her to me.

Next thing I knew I was waking up with Deb's naked, warm body wrapped around me. I turned over and hugged and kissed her and got up to face the morning routine of cat feeding and coffee making and clothes ironing feeling calm and pleasant.

And that's how I feel now as I prepare to leave work and head to the farm.




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