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It's slow but it's there

For some reason I can get through to LJ today. I'm not knocking it. I'm going to make a post while I can. So I spent the weekend hunting the elusive morel mushroom again. There is a reason they call it hunting and not finding. Ususally the second weekend of the season is the best. But it's so damn dry at the farm that not much seems to be happening. I had found one yellow morel and was getting pretty frustrated getting my skin torn up by thorns when Shadow Woman darts out of the undrebrush and comes to rest in an Elm above my head. "Too dry," she says, "too dry...down low, down low." So I follow her advice and head down toward the creek. It's the lowest I've ever really seen it except for the years when it was bone dry. The places where there is water, it is stagnant with algae blooms growning. And the soil is powdery in some places and barely moist sand in others. I went over to Spirit Hill and made my green offering to the Deer Tree then a general tobacco offering to the directions and down to the only running water in the creek bed, a shallow trickle to which I gave a Silver offering. Thanked them all for their gifts of the past and asked to be allowed to find a good mess of mushrooms that day. I was rewarded an hour later with 4 fist-sized yellow morels and as it turns out that was to be all I'd find for the whole weekend. If they are not there, you are not going to find them. I did get some good excersize hiking up and down the hillsides though and found a nice piece of chalk stone and a triangular agate up on one hillside. I also found the Vulture tree again after several years of not remembering where it was and also a little cave in a tree where someone is living. They had their entrance way swept off nice and neat. Very inviting. I'll have to get a photo sometime soon.

I had a couple shroom in the fridge at the city house so I told Deb to go ahead and cook those up as they may be the last of the season. The fie I found at the farm, I dipped in soymilk, rolled in flour and sea salt with a little bit of cracked pepper and sauteed in olive oil for the folks last night. They were appreciative.

Oh yeah, the folks are here to make my life miserable for a month. Luckily I've got some other things going on to occupy my time on the weekends. Dad will be spending most of his time getting the barn at our other farm ready for his 50 year high school reunion. I'll be helping some with that. Hopefully he's buying a new hot water heater for the farm today. I got to bathe last night by standing in the tub and pouring weater over my head that I'd heated on the stove. I know, it's the way they used to do it but It's not nearly so satisfying as a nice hot shower when you've been crawling around in the woods all weekend.




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Apr. 24th, 2006 07:50 pm (UTC)
Two questions:
1. What are the different offerings you mention? I think I know tobacco offering, but what's Silver and Green?

2. How in the world did you get into hunting brains morels?
Apr. 24th, 2006 08:10 pm (UTC)
I'll answer the easy one first. Hunting Morels is a state pastime here in Illinois. I jsut sort of went with the flow. I wondered for the first two years I lived here what everyone was doing in the woods in late April. Then Gwen invited me along my third year here. You go once and you either get addicted or hate it. I got addicited. Morels only come up here for about 3 weeks out of the year. Then they are gone until next year. So far only one commercial enterprise has been successful in figuring out how to get them to grow on a large scale.

A silver offering is coins and a green offering is paper money. It has no value as far as being currency in an offering. The value is that you are making a sacrifice of something you find valuable. I have no idea what the tree does after I stuff money into the holes in it's trunk. But every time I come back the previous offering is gone. So it's lining someone's nest as far as I know. The point is I gave up something that had value to me. Likewise the water has no need of coins but I'm returning something to the Earth in the hopes that I will be able to take some other thing from it.

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