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I've got a dark spot on my favorite sweater. It's all due to a blonde moment on the part of one of my co-workers. Her intelligence quotient seems to drop steadily on a day to day basis. She got a CDR in from one of our vendors. It supposedly had several hi-res images he had shot nad scanned for her. You know the side you can label? Well she decides one side is good as the otehr and proceeds to write in permanent black marker on the recorded side thus making it impossible to read. She brought it down to my office, Wander being the resident multi-media expert. She wanted to see if I could get it to read since I can get everything to read. I couldn't and when I looked at it, I asked her why she had written on the recordable side. She just sort of looked at me...you know the look. So I launched into a little lecture about which side of a CDR you could mess with and which side you couldn't. I wet my finger and tried to rub the writing off. It was at this point she told me it was permanent ink. I grumbled some more and told her to run down to the office manager's office and get the mouse cleaning kit since it has alcohol in it. She said it wouldn't do any good. I told her to runn her little butt along that she wasn't in any position to argue with me unless she wanted to call the vendor and tell him to ship another CDR due to stupidity. So off she went and came back in a few minute bearing the alcohol. I put a few drops on and let it sit for a second or two and gently rubbed. It started to come off. She was so happy, she reached for the CDR an thus spilliing the ink-stained alcohol on my favorite sweater. So now i have a dark spot there. I think it will come out though...hopefully.

No dreams last night and I took the last of my drugs this morning so maybe that's over with. I felt like I passed a test or something.

I was sitting in my favorite chair at the farm last night, right next to the bay window where I can see all the cars go by on the road. About 10:15, three state cop cars go by with sirens on and lights flashing. They were followed shortly by 2 ambulances and a fire truck. Then another fire truck and five more cops. They all pulled in down the road where the local Farm Services company maintains a chemical storage facility. Most of the stuff they store is pretty benign but they do have a certain amount of anhydrous amonnia there and a good wiff or two of that will put you out pretty quick. It's used to add nitrogen to the soil before planting. The apply it from a tractor with these longer syringes that ride under the soil. For days afterward, these little wisps of white smoke will rise up from the soil. It looks pretty cool too but it's mostly harmless. So I was a little worried there might have been a cehmical spill. Like a good ex-reporter, I climbed into the car and drove up there to see what was going on. There was a semi pulled into the loading bay and all the attention seemed to be focussed on that but I really couldn't tell what was going on. I rode back to the house and called Rob and Gwen who have an emergency channel scanner and leave it on throughout the night. They had heard the dispatcher call for the police, fire and ambulance but no one was saying what for. Eventually around 11 pm, they all cleared out and I never heard anything more. I'm still alive today so I have to assume it wasn't a lethal chemical spill. I guess I'll find out this weekend.

Rob kept me on the phone awhile talking about fishing. We are resolved that if there is a nice day this weekend, we are going fishing. Even if we don't catch anything, we are going. Of course it was two years ago when I caught the largest bass I've ever caught. I actually took it to the taxidermist and had it mounted and it's hanging in my house now. Rob was tres jelous at the time and think he wants to redeem his reputation as the Master Fisherman, a post I've held for two years now. Of course there are only three of us in the competition so it's not much of a competition. Rob still holds the post of Master Fish Cleaner. Of the two titles, I like mine better. It's a little more prestigiuos. Of course if it weren't for Rob, we'd never have the fish ready to cook so It's a toss up as to which title is more important. We fish from March to the beginning of December if the fall last's long enough. We don't ice fish because most winters the ice doesn't get thick enough to support people and chairs and gear. This winter it did but no one wants to be out fishing when it's 21 below zero and the wind is blowing which it always is on those really cold days. So we confine our activities to the more temperate times of the year. We end up with hundreds of fish which is enough to last the winter anyway.

Rob and I are planning our pyro team's trip to NC in April this weekend. The East Carolina Council of the Boy Scouts is paying us $1800 to do a fireworks program for them the last weekend of April. We did it last year and they liked it so much, they invited us back this year. We don't really amke any money of it. But all our transportetion and meals are paid for so it's like a free vacation. I doubt I'll have time to go off and visit anyone though as my time will be occupied with getting the 800 pounds of fireworks to the site and setting up the show. But it all depends on who goes along nd whetehr they will allow me the time to go off visiting a bit.

Speaking of the Boy Scouts, I've got my first Boy Scout meeting tonight after a 9 year abscense from the program. Many of the really good things I've gotten in this life have had some direct relationship with my experinces with the BSA. I know it may not be a really popular thing these days, what with their anti-homosexual stance and anti-atheism stance and anti-female stance but I still think the program can be a very positive tool in shaping the lives of young people. It did a lot for me and it's time I got back in and gave back to the program. Back when they first instituted the anti-homosexual policy is when I was working for them as a professional so I really could voice my disagreement but that was among the reasons I quit the profession when I did. I have a lot of gay friends so it really is an issue for me. But I think it might be better to try to help the program change from the inside rather than throwing stones from the outside. I'm not going back in at the local troop level as I simply don't have the time. But I've got more experience and training than 3/4 of the active volunteers in this country so I decided to lend my experience at the district level, helping to make policies that will affect the way the program is conducted at the local level. Some things I can directly attribute to my experience wih the BSA? My first marriage. My decision to leave home at 19 and move to NM. Some of the best summers of my life. Most of my career jobs including the present one. My jewelry business. In other words, most of my positive life experiences. So I'll give it a whirl again and see how it works out.




Mar. 9th, 2001 09:04 am (UTC)
Re: You know what might get that stain out?
Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I though of that. I generally am of the opinion that if I wash something enough times any stain will eventually come out.

Scouting is sometimes a hit and miss proposition. A lot of people have really good experiences but there are a few who don't as well. You take the good with the bad I guess and just try to make your own program better.

Nice to meet you by the way.




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