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So tell me your secrets

Since this seems to be a week of confessions and secret telling in LJ land, I'm going to do it too. Tell me a secret or make a confession by replying to this entry. It can be sexual. It can be criminal. It can just be something you are ashamed of. Anonymous posting enabled (if you need that level of secrecy) and IP tracking turned off. All comments screened so no one else will see them. Go ahead, tell me anything, I won't mind.

Here, I'll start. When I was much younger and living in Santa Anna, California, I was with a group of friends who raided a new homes construction site and did several thousand dollars worth of damage. Breaking brand new windows. Smashing holes in dry wall and wreaking havoc on several bales of roofing shingles. When the police came around to our houses to interogate us, we all lied about it except for one kid who broke down and admitted he'd done it. He wouldn't name who else was with him and we all let him take the blame. Years later I told my parents about it and they said they pretty much had known who did it but were very dissapointed that I had lied to the police and them about it. I occasionally wonder if that poor kid who took the fall will one day show up with a gun on my front porch and want to kill me. To this day, I despise vandals.

Want another one? Confession is good for the soul right? Before we were legally married (we already had a common law marriage), I cheated on my now ex-wife. This would have been about 1986. I was back in Northern Virginia for a brief time gathering my belongings from my parent's house before returning to Colorado to live with Shelly. Two nights before leaving, I hooked up with an old girlfriend, Trish. We got drunk and went skinny dipping in Potomac Creek then had wild sex on the deck of some guy's sail boat which was anchored near the shore. I've never seen or heard from her since that night. I think Shelly knew something was up and was kind of cold to me for a while after I got back but I never told her what had happened. After we were statutorily (sp) married I never cheated on her but she did cheat on me and I actually had the audacity to be mad at her for it.

OK, now it's your turn if you want.




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