Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Pics from Last Weekend

Finally getting around to this after dealing with Deb's stuff and the award's ceremony all this week. Oh yeah and getting ready to cook 5 pots of Frogmore Stew tomorrow for the Boy Scout Spring CookORee. I have 35 pounds of sausage, 30 pounds of potatoes, 90 ears of corn and 10 pounds of shrimp at home in the fridge right now.

Last weekend I spent mostly helping Dad out at our other farm where my aunt lives. Getting the barn ready for his 50th High School reunion in September. I'm also the publications chairman for the event which basically means I get to do all the layout and formatting for the yearbook which we are publishing on both paper and CD ROM. Saturday I made a last ditch effort to find some mushrooms since we'd had a nice rain during the week. Alas, our season seems to have ended amidst the drought from the previous weeks. But I did have a nice walk in the woods which have greened out and become much like a tropical rain forest from a heat and humidity standpoint. Then afterwards it was over to the barn to work on it. Sunday it was more of the same and then back to work Monday morning.

We finally got enough rain to make the branch run.

One of my favorite hillsides to meditate on.

The little hole where Jake liked to roll around.

A Jack in the Pulpit, such wonderous variety in my woods.

The base looks like a candy cane doesn't it? Too bad it's poisonous.

Found this little guy crawling up a tree. His sister was too fast for me and disapeared into a hole.

My mobile kitchen which I'll be cooking out of this weekend. It's been in my barn for awile so I gave it a good washing.

This is the part of the barn where cattle were once fed. It has been storing a large farm implement for a few years. It was my job to clean it out last weekend.

I had to scoop all that out and sweep it clean.

Not a hell of a lot of light in there. That will change this weekend though. This will be a valet parking tunnel if the weather turns nasty during the reunion.

Dad spent his time pulling nails out of old lumber and cutting the ends off. He intends to make tables out of all the old wood.

The storms kept rolling through all day on Sunday.

My next project is repainting the barn. We just finished putting a new roof on.

It's greatto watch storms walk across the prairie sky. You can see them coming for miles.

It was a big relief to hear the thunder booming and see the rain fall.


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