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Yet another fun-filled weekend

Surprisingly I'm not sore today though I deserve to be after the weekend I had. I didn't get down to the farm until after midnight Friday so I didn't do the full moon meditation I had planned. It was all i could do to stay awake for the drive down.

Saturday morning I did my usual errands: bank, jewelry store, Culligan, Post Office, hardware store, grocery store. Then I went home and got the tractor started and put on a blade and proceeded to take all the grass off my side yard. I'm planting a huge garden this year. About 50 feet wide by 100 feet long. It will be nice to not have to mow the side yard this year as it tends to grow faster than the rest of the yard. The Jake and I drove the tractor out to the fields and hauled some huge logs back to the barnyard to cut up for firewood. This group of biker friends in the local chapter of A.B.A.T.E (A Botherhood Aimed Toward Education) have a hog roast in June and they are always having to ask permission to go cut wood somewhere for the fire. So I told my friends I'd stack some up and they could just come get it whenever they wanted. I got them lots of good oak and elm to use so they should be set.

Rob came over and helped me get anotehr truckload of wood from an oak that I had to cut off one of my field fences. Then we decided to go fishing for the first time of the season. Well, we got skunked. Probably because the water was too cold and murky. But fishing is an end to itself as well as being a means to an end. A nice creative waste of time. After about 4 hours ofwasting time, we decided to go back to my woods and search for antler sheds. We got skunked there too but we did get some nice rocks out of the creek to use in our landscaping. Jake submerged himself in the creeks and had fun swimming. One thing we did find out is all the rain has made the edges of the valleys pretty damned slick. I ended up sliding most of the way down the side of one and fell headfirst into the creek. Luckily it was fairly warm Saturday. We ended up grabbing on to trees so we could haul these big ass rocks up to the truck.

Saturday night Gwen called and said "Let's go get a drink!" Music to my ears. We cruised the three taverns in town and decided on the one that had the loudest music coming out. We found out this was due to a live band. Rushville is kinda peculiar when a live band is playing. If you go in on a night with no band, you will have about 40-5o pretty well behaved people in the tavern. (The bar is that thing the bartended stands behind, not the name of the building.) On a band night, I think they must go around the county with a big truck with loud speakers like in the the Blues Brothers because every inbred mother fucker in the world shows up.

We were jam packed in there. Skanky women I swear I've never seen before were there along with every small time criminal for three counties. So of course we felt right at home. I bought the first round. $5 for a bottle of Bud and two Busch drafts. One nice thing about small towns is you can get pretty drunk on not a lot of money. On a scale of one to ten, the band rated about a 6. They were about one step above a garage band and really needed someone who knew how to run sound better than the old redneck they had doing it. They sounded like Jimi Hendrix plays Lynard Skynard. Every song was Southern Rock which of course everyone loved. And every song had to have at least a ten minute guitar solo. Every manner of person you could think of was there: farmers, bikers, truckers, whores, cowboys and cowboy wannabees, preppies, underage kids with fake ID's and of course the women whose goal it was to "do the band." Man you have to be desperate if your life goal is to sleep with as many members of bar bands as possible but to each his own. The one mistake the band made was letting this one bitch get up and sing. My dog could sing better than this chick did. The only reason everyone tolerated it I think was the drunker she got the more clothing she removed so after about half an hour she was down to thong panties and very skimpy bra and trying to go down on the drummer on stage.

Meanwhile, we had found an open pool table and were into a serious game of cuthroat. After a bit, one of Rob's friends and his son put quaters up on the table and we went to playing partners. Of course Rob and I kicked ass. Was there ever any doubt we would? I used to play pool to make my rent so I know my way around a table pretty well. After about two hours we did end up losing though and some little underaged shit got to take over. We watched him for awhile. I think he was pretty happy just to not have gotten caught with the fake ID so he was having a good time. He set his lit cigarette on the edge of the table to shoot then leaned into it and caught his sweater on fire. That was pretty damned funny. He had to put it out with his beer at which point the bouncer came over and threw his ass out. Last call came and the while Rob ordered one more, Gwen asked me if I wanted to dance. It was the band's last number so what do you think they played? Well of course it was that great Southern Anthem Free Bird! Nice song to slow dance too and Gwen and I are both good slow dancers. I think we inspired other people because soon were were surrounded by drunken rednecks and white trash all swinging their butts to Free Bird. The ydrug the slow part out fo about 10 minutes then went into that long damn fast guitar solo. Gwen and I outlasted everyone but after anotehr 10 minutes the damned thing was still going on. The drummer was enjoying his felatio and the guitars showed no signs of slowing down so we just kept dancing. Eventually we were both sweating and I was pretty light headed not only from the beer but also from all the "cigarette" smoke in the room. Finally after 15 minutes they brought it to a close which was good because I was about to pass out.

We left the tavern and headed for Subway to get some munchies. Then we went back to Rob and Gwen's and ate and watched the 13th Warrior again. Eventually I left and barely made it home as my truck had developed a hole in the exhaust manifold and was dragging ass down the road. I sat on the couch and promptly fell asleep.

I wa awaken Sunday morning by a phone call from Deb who figured as long as she was up, I ought to be up too. So I got up and fixed breakfast and spent the day cleaning house and doing laundry. As one of my Spring rituals, I smudged myself and took some burning sage into the basement to invite all the rodents who had lived underneath the house for the winter to kindly pack their belongings and leave or I would be setting out traps and poison very soon. It seemd to do the trick. I told them they were welcome to live in the barn since they could find plenty of food out there.

Later in the afternoon, I went up to the genealogical society to do some family research and had a delightful talk with this 88 year old woman named Lavina who talked on and on about her relatives and her son who was gay and how she figured his gayness was between him and God and she was just happy to have a healthy child to love. We also talked about the Columbine shooting and the shooting out in California. She was surprisingly understanding and said "It's been coming for a long time. These kids are finally learning to do something about being picked on."

Although we agreed there had to be a better way. I talked to Lavina for so long it got dark and I wasn't able to go out and look through the cemeteries I wanted to but it was worth it. She reminds me so much of my grandma. She was one of grandma's friends so that probably has something to do with it.

I finally went back to the house and made dinner, ham steaks and broccoli with cheese sauce and carrot cake for dessert. Then I recorded the new episode of the Sopranos for Deb and Headed home around 9:30. I got pulled over by a cop right in the middle of the road on my way in through the city. It's not like there was much traffic anyway. He just wanted to tell me my muffler was too loud and I should get it looked at. Nicve cop all in all since he could have given me a ticket. Got home and Deb was asleep so I watch a little TV and joined her.

But surprisingly no soreness today, Maybe I'm not so old after all.




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Mar. 12th, 2001 03:05 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah...
That's the idea!!! I'm gonna start me up a redneck bar band and get me some inbred trailer park trash tornado target ass!!! Yeah buddy! That way my kid can have 12 fingers and blaw the banjo with his tooth. I'll sell em to Ringling Brothers and be rich!.


Mar. 14th, 2001 06:28 am (UTC)
one thing I don't undestand....
"We also talked about the Columbine shooting and the shooting out in California.
She was surprisingly understanding and said 'It's been coming for a long time. These
kids are finally learning to do something about being picked on.' "

I do and yet I do not understand this statement. Care to expound on it? I mean, it almost sounds as if she believes that the picked-on crowds are starting a revolution.... eh, you know what I mean....
Mar. 14th, 2001 08:44 am (UTC)
Re: one thing I don't undestand....
She was just referring to the fact that when she was growing up. Lots of people had all sorts of deformities that you never see any more, club feet, twisted limbs from infantile paralysis, hair leps, cleft pallets and etc. and many times those kids really got a lot of shit from other kids and they didn't have a way to retaliate. Now medical science has advanced to the point that most deformities are taken care of at birth so you don't see it as often. Consequently, no wht kids that get picked on are the ones who are a little different in other ways and because of things like the Columbine shooting, they now have a successful model for retaliation on their peers. Not that it's the right thing to do but you could kind of look ahead from Columbine and seee that it wasn't the first nor would it be the last. She wasn't touting school shootings as the correct way to take care of things, just commenting on the inevitablity of it. Kind of like when you first saw people using cell phones as they were driving. You could look down the road and see all the trouble the damned things were going to cause and now we are living it.



Mar. 14th, 2001 08:56 am (UTC)
Re: one thing I don't undestand....
thanks for that... I realized that she wasn't touting the shootings as the correct thing to do...
I has always bothered me how publicized the Columbine (and other) shootings were in the media -- I mean, I am one of those people that believes that we ARE influenced by what we see on television, whether it is news or fiction (I know that I've had a lot of things really get to me and thus I've monitored what I watch more closely)... but anyway, I felt that publicizing the event inthe way they did was sort of advertising....?? I don't know...I mean, I can't say that they shouldn't publicize such horrific things but maybe they should be more careful in how they do it? I know, it's all suppose to start at home, and we should be like leopards watching our children to make sure we know what they are up to... eh, it's all so confusing, to me....
Mar. 14th, 2001 09:45 am (UTC)
Re: one thing I don't undestand....
I don't know. I know kids aren't adults and they don't have a fully formed sense of right and wrong until they get out and expereince things a little but...I'm pretty sure most kids know that shooting someone else is wrong. I mean most of these things happen in suburban areas and rural schools. I could almost understand if it was inner-city drug related stuff but it's not. It's as if kids think they can get away with it now.

When I was in high school, I was pretty damned sure if I got caught even pretending to use a gun improperly, my Dad was going to literally kick my ass. Besides that, my folks instilled in me a pretty good sense of right and wrong. I went to a huge suburban high school in the early 80's. There were over 6,000 kids in the school, yet in 4 years I can't remember one instance of someone bringing a gun to school let alone mowing down 14 of their class mates. There was violence, yes there was. I was a skinny geeky kid who got picked on until my senior year. I had my own rifle and I knew where Dad kept his service revolver and 9mm and I probably could have gotten hold of either of them if I really wanted to. But did I see this as a means of solving my problems? I don't think so. I probably feared punishment from my Dad worse than criminal punishment but all the same, I knew what would happen there too.

And We saw violent movies back then. Geez, Dad took me to see Apocalypse Now and the Deer Hunter. And we might have worn camo gear and pretended to be soldiers but did we go to school and shoot teachers and otehr kids and then pretend like we didn't know it was for real? Nope.

If anything, I would think all the publicity that Columbine got would demonstrate to people how real it was. I think the whole phenomenon is like so many other diseases in our society. Some people have legitimate ailments both physical, mental and emotional. But as soon as you start publicizing the findings on some new ailment, all of a sudden everyone and their dog seems to have it. People use these things as an excuse for why they aren't performing up to par or why society owes them something. And these copycat school shootings seem to be the same thing sometimes. Kids think it's the right way to take care of your problems. They will be using Columbine as a justification for the crimes they commit, just you watch.

Unfortunately, I've seen it up close and personal. A good friend of mine has a younger brother who has always seemd to be in trouble. Unfortunately now he's 21 and he's still in trouble. He was convinced that a certain local cop had it in for him even though this kid was the one doing all the law breaking. He was driving around on a revoked license and this cop caught him and also found open alcohol in the car and on top of that the kid was under 21 at the time and shouldn't have had alcohol anyway. So he spends a night in jail and his brother bails him out in the morning then takes him home and goes to work. Then my friend gets a call from his Mom that the brother came home, got a gun and left the house. So my friend rushes out and finds his brother and takes the gun and has a sit down with his brother. Apparently he was gunning for the cop. My friend asked him what he thought would happen if he shot the cop. The kid responded, "Hey, people are getting away with killing teachers and kids in school. I'll just blame it on bad parenting!"

No lie, that's the mentality these days. Thing is you can't always blame the parents. The kids bear at least part of the responsibilty for their own actions.



Mar. 14th, 2001 11:17 am (UTC)
Re: one thing I don't undestand....
See? When I was in high school (not so long ago), I knew right from wrong -- sure, there were probably times when I was depressed - I was picked on all the time -- but I NEVER felt any inclination to hurt someone -- not even fight, really. There may have been times I was mad as hell at someone, but it's only high school... And yeah, of course there was violence at our school....I remember my first high-school dance, after a football game, when a riot began in the dance.... it freaked me out because kids were throwing chairs and punches, and someone probably yelled "gun!" but I never saw or heard one... I mean, it was pretty clear that if you brought ANY sort of weapon (or even anything that resembled a weapon), you were going to get in trouble. I wasn't exactly in fear of my parent's punishment, but I did fear losing their respect, and that kept me in-line for the most part...
I don't know...I mean, I'd be afraid to teach at today's schools... we're suppose to be bringing up a new society...
I just wish there was a clear, harsh punishment for children who commit these crimes. After all, your friends son even seemed to indicate that people are getting away with it...I suppose if the Colmbine kids had not shot themselves, but received punishment, it may have had some impact.... but it's like these teens don't even understand what killingeach other, or themselves, means....
Mar. 14th, 2001 12:19 pm (UTC)
Re: one thing I don't undestand....
Well they're talkin about trying the kid in CA as an adult which I almost feel is fitting. The old don't do the crime if you can't do the time. I think if they find him guilty as an adult he ought to be sentenced for premeditated murder because that's what this was. Then perhaps we will have sent a message. I don't think as a society we need to coddle these kids. Although I think in most cases the parents need to be smacked up side the head a couple times too.


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