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March Madness

We do a nice illegal NCAA basketball pool at work here. Actually we do a $5 and a $10 pool. I'm in both. Last year I won $90. I always try to get Carolina but alas, no luck for me this year since we draw names out of a hat to get our teams.

So, in the $5 pool I have:

Penn State

In the $10 pool I have:

UNC - Greensboro (they'll be gone after the first round)
Notre Dame
So. Calif
Georgia Tech
Holy Cross

Hopefully I'll win big but with that line up, I kinda doubt it. I love this time of the year. College baskeball is one of the few sports I'll actually take time out to watch on TV. My family has always rooted for UNC. If and only if UNC is out, then we root for Duke. As a last resort we root for NC State but only if they are the only Carolina team left. In fact, I'd root for Wake Forest before I'd root for NC State.

Oh well, time to get some work done.




Mar. 14th, 2001 06:11 am (UTC)
Re: Blue Devil Fan.
Actually, I AM getting it all, and I'm rolling on the floor thinking about it. I have to add that as a Carolina student, I have March Madness, basketball fever, etc... I watch EVERY stupid game (and yes, I get upset over that last loss to Duke)...and I'm happy that you pull for Carolina!! :) Although, I will admit, that Duke always has an awesome team, too....
My question is, in the last game between Duke/Carolina, Jason Williams fell screaming to the floor when he sprained his ankle - the officials then said that it was "badly sprained". However, in yesterday's paper I read that it was only "mildly sprained" and that they expected him to play next week. Now, what's going on here? I've sprained my ankle many times before, both mildly and badly, and let me tell you, you don't drop to the floor yelling at a mild sprain! So, what are they doing to Jason to get him ready for the NCAA? And Boozer, who broke a bone in his foot four weeks ago, is also expected to play -- how are they healing these guys so fast? In my opinion, Coach K. is feeding this guys some heavy dope. *L*
On another point, Matt Doherty rocks! He is such a great coach that gets into the games (unlike intense Coach K. who sits on the bench until the last two minutes) ... and, in refute to an earlier argument in this string, Dean Smith is not evil and hated, he is GOD!
Okay, I am obviously a die-hard ranting Carolina fan, so I must finish this post.... take care all, and GO HEELS!
Mar. 14th, 2001 08:25 am (UTC)
Re: Blue Devil Fan.
I too am A die hard lover of Dean Smith. Had I not come back to Illinois for school, I had been accepted to UNC Chapel Hill for my Masters in Communication. It was just too good a deal to go to school here. I LOVE Carolina.

Unfortunately, in Illinois of course everyone pulls for the U of I (my alma mater) or Illinois State. So I never get to see Carolina games anymore unless it's March Madness or if Dad records them and sends them to me or if ESPN just happens to show one. I could get all the NCAA games on Pay Per View but I'll be damned if I'm paying $100 for it. I'll just wait and see how they do in the tourney.




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