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Beggars, Tramps and Thieves

I woke up to snow this morning. Winter's last gasp I guess. It doesn't have a chance in hell of sticking.

I'm surrounded by thieves apparently. Last month, my cordless pen for my computer drawing tablet dissapeared and is still yet to be found. I have my own theories on where it is but the fact of the matter is I need a new pen. I can get one from the manufacturer but it cost's about as much as a whole new set. So I found a used set on Ebay and am bidding on that as well as a new motherboard for one of my older computers. I've not determined if I'm going to have a newer, faster computer, I'm going to have to build it myself. After all most of the space inside the case is empty anyway so when you buy a new one, you are mostly paying for the sleek new design. A hard drive is a hard drive. A 6 Gig drive looks about the same as a 2 Gig drive. All I really care about is performance. Kinda like women. I know I'm gonna pay for that comment.

The other night, I left a 10 dollar bill on the table. It was there when I went to bed but when I got ready to leave for work yesterday morning, it was gone. Deb had no idea where it went and no one else was in the house. I know it was the cat who stole it. Peeker is a huge cat. He weighs around 25 pounds. Big old male yellow tabby cat. He takes things all the time but generally he confines his thievery to fake mice and pony tail holders which he then throws up in the air and bats around until they go in the fireplace or under the rug. But he also likes green things. Especially vegetables. He'll steal green beans off your plate if you let him. He won't always eat them but he will roll around with them and get kitty-spit all over them and leave them where you are most likely to step on them in the dark. He also can't resist things that are crinkly. Plastic grocery sacks just enthrall him.

So I figure he got up an the table and saw the green money and pounced on it and it crinkled under foot and he decided he needed it for his own. Now what a cat needs with money is beyond me. Damn freeloader. He doesn't pay any rent. He and his older sister lay around the house in sunbeams all day or park themselves in front of a heat vent. And then when we are home, they want to be in our laps. Plus we pay big buck for thier damned food. You think they could be like normal cats and eat Friskies? No way Jose. These prima donnas have to have Science Diet Senior Formula or they think they're gonna die! I don't even feed my dog science diet and at least he does some work for his supper. Purina Hi Pro all the way for Jake. And on top of it all, now Peeker's stealing money. He's probably buying drugs with it I'll bet. Some of that Accapulco Gold catnip he buys from the squirel. I've seen them out there on the sunporch talking secretively when they think no one is looking. They got some kind of little drug ring going on. Bare chested teenage ground hogs chained to tables making crystal meth which they market to unsuspecting vets as heartworming medicine. I think Bugsy, the other cat is in on it too. She's the decoy. That's why she's always wanting me to come scritch behind her ears in the morning. And the way she lays around comatose for hours. It's because she's been sampling the goods and now she's off in kitty la la land watching psychadelic mice doing somersaults against a chartruese sky!

Kids these days...I swear.

Well, at least work is normal today. We've got corporate big wigs in today but hey, it's casual day so at least we can wear jeans. And I swear if anybody piinches me today I'm going to go postal on their ass. I've got green on even though St. Pat's is tomorrow. It's just not that big a deal when it falls on a weekend. When that happens around here, we generally celebrate the holiday on Friday or Monday. It's an excuse to bring food in. MY boss stopped at the bakery in Morton on her way in got these wonderfully huge sugar cookies made with real butter. I've had 5 already. No diet for me today. Plus I've had an overpowering craving lately for those little marshmallow chickens they call Peeps lately. I love to bite the heads off so they can't escape....Yumm Yumm.

Fun filled day of helping my bitch cousin move the last of my late uncle's possessions over to the auction house in the morning. Theat should be a blast...not. Rob is going along as well and we decided to take our fishing poles with us just in case we happen to see a pond or creek that looks likely for fish. It's become a moral imperative since we got skunked last weekend. I'll have to do some gardening this weekend as well but that won't be too hard and it beats being inside all the damned time. Beyond that, we'll just have to see what the weekend brings. Maybe they will have a band up at the tavern again Saturday and I can stare at all the toothless inbred wonders again...or not.




Mar. 16th, 2001 12:32 pm (UTC)
You're not gonna believe this.
Dude I got stuck in the middle of no where Illinois last night, started wandering around this old farm some dude with a truck owned. I wanted to use their phone but nobody came to the door, I let myself in(I was worried theywould all be dead or something), found my way to the bedroom where lo and behold I found yousleeping!!! You looked so peaceful I didn't wanna wake you, so I just borrowed $10 from you I found on the night stand so I could buy food and a phone call home. Thanks man I owe big time! The check to pay you back is in the mail!


Mar. 16th, 2001 02:02 pm (UTC)
Re: You're not gonna believe this.
Now that whole story would work if I actually lived at the farm during the week. Remember i live in the city during the week and only go to the farm on the weekends. Plus the truck is in the shop right now but good try anyway. And I'll expect the copy you made of my key back as well. If I come home and the furniture is rearanged, I'm coming after you first!



Mar. 16th, 2001 02:17 pm (UTC)
Re: You're not gonna believe this.
Read about the furniture huh? LoL. Yeah I'm particurly proud of that one. What's worse is when I wrote I'LL BE BACK in the bedroom his roommate and his girlfriend shared. It was priceless cause I wrote it on the walls using pigs blood. He was going nuts for a while there. He got me back though.




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