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What a faker

I'm sitting here holding a phone to my ear with no one on the other end just to give the appearance I can't be bothered. It's just that there is this person roaming the halls who drives me absolutely nuts. Whatever meds she's currently on, they need to up the dosage. The otehr day in the rain she comes running up to my car just to tell me she finished her part of a project we are both remotely associated with. I breath so much easier the days she lays out of work pretending to be sick. We've actually been at odds since the first day I came to work here...three years ago.

So anyway, the weekend was pretty good. Saturday morning sucked because I had to spend it with both of my bitch cousins helping with the last of my late uncle's stuff. Then to make matters worse, they tried to pay me $75 for helping out. Now in my book, any man who will take money from family for doing a favor is no kind of man at all. But after arguing with them for 1/2 hour I finally decided it would just be easier on everyone if I just gave in. So I took the damned check knowing they'd find some wway to make me feel bad about it. And sure enough, this morning I get an email thanking me fore helping but way at the bottom was this little comment saying "I hope you guys didn't spend those checks at the bar!"

Like it's any of her fucking business what I spent the money on after she forced me to take it. I had half a mind to write back and say "You'd never believe how much alcohol, drugs and loose women you can get with $75." But if I did, it would mean I had to think about her for just that much longer and it ain't worth it. On top of it all, I noticed two super nice necklaces in my late aunt's jewelry box that is now at the auction house. The reason I noticed them is because I had made them several years ago. The one I particularly noticed cost me a pretty penny to make too. 66 perfect, unflawed, 6mm round dark amethyst beads separated by smaller sterling silver beads and a 16 carat amethyst teardrop dangle. Dad bought it from me to give to my aunt for her 80th birthday some years ago. I told Beverly I had made it but do you think she even offered to let me buy it? Nope. So I'm going to the sale next week and see just how cheap I can get the whole lot for. I'd be hard pressed to find another strand of amethyst that perfect for under $75. All I can hope is other people will think it's costume jewelry and bid low on it.

After the ordeal, Rob and I went in search of a fishing hole. Rob delights in showing me new back roads in a three county area. He grew up here so he should know his way around. We hit tons of small ponds and streams and caught more than our fair share of fish. Then Rob showed me this one road that was really hilly. He told me to floor it and like an idiot, I did. We went up this one hill and next thing I knew we were airborne. All four wheels off the ground!


We came down hard but nothing appeared to be broken soe we went back and did it again several times until the novelty wore off. I took him back home around 3 and I headed up to the genealogy center since I had time to kill. I solved a couple of mysteries and got a bunch of cemetery maps copied in prep for a cemetery hunt on Sunday. Afterward, I went shopping for dinner. Got some smoked pork chops and a bag of salad and a bottle of wine. Went home and fired up the grill and cooked outside even though after the sun went down the temps dropped into the 30's again. I don't care. Spring is nearly here and I'm celebrating every chance I get.

Saturday evening I just watched NCAA Basketball and worked on my thesis hoping Gwen and Rob would call to go out but it didn't happen. No big deal.

Sunday morning Gwen called and said Rob and Robbie were heading out to my house with a bunch of rabbit manure. They go there and proceeded to spread 150 gallons of rabbit manure on my garden plot. I need to get the tiller out and turn it all over now and get the ground ready to plant. Should be a good crop this year as much water as we have. Sweet corn and onions, tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, parsnips, 6 kinds of hot peppers, celery, asparagus, broccoli and lots of herbs. Not to mention all my fruit trees are getting ready to bloom. Apricots, pears, peaches, plums plus two grape vines and blackberries, mulberries and raspberries. I can see lots of canning and pies in my future. That kind of work I never mind.

Sunday afternoon was spent running around backraods searching for old family cemeteries. I made a great find and discovered the grave of my great, great, great grandmother. That was one that was bugging me. The stone was so old no photo was possible but I did get a nice rubbing from it. I also managed to catalog all the graves in anotehr small cemetery and I'll turn that info over to the genealogical center so other people can use it. But of 110 graves, 70 were related to me going back 150 years. This stuff is addictive.

In April when I get to NC, I'll have to go visit some 300 year old family plots there as well. Got back home after dark, taped The Sopranos. Ate a T-bone steak and mashed potatoes and then headed back to the city. Got here around 11:30 and watched a bit of TV with Deb and hit the sack.

Not much going on today except trying to avoid people.

Too bad Carolina had to loose to Penn State although I have Penn State in my office pool. Now I'll have to root for Duke damnit all to hell!




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Mar. 19th, 2001 02:02 pm (UTC)
I don't know what it was... but reading your story, and coming to the 'rednecks in space' hit me with such a strong, comical visualization of your truck flying through the air in slow motion... jaws slowly dropping, eyes widening in childish delight... I died laughing. Tee hee!
Mar. 19th, 2001 02:09 pm (UTC)
That's exactly how it was for me too...five times over!

Peace, now go eat your rice cream while I think about the half gallon of raspberry revel I have in the freezer...heheh


Mar. 19th, 2001 04:38 pm (UTC)
Your garden sounds nice. We used to have one like that before we moved (read as: evicted because bitch landlady was giving the crappy house to her grandson as a wedding present. The roof leaked, the basement flooded, and the septic tank was cranky. Bwuh-hahahahah!). About this time we'd be planting cabbages and onions. I can only have tomatoes, peppers and one mystery veggie in my tiny garden now. Hate tomatoes, but I sure can grow 'em. I don't miss the corn though. I hated picking it. Seems like every ear I picked had a grub on it. Bleh.

I too quite enjoyed the Rednecks in Space. One of my sisters went to Western Carolina and learned how to drive over "wheee-ha!" bridges there. Fun.
Mar. 20th, 2001 07:01 am (UTC)
Re: Gardens
Yeppers...the garden will take up much of my time this summer but hey, I live on a farm, I might as well act like a farmer. I got this place from my grandmother but she had to die in order for me to get it. I'm also a redneck, much as I like to make jokes about rednecks. It's a good thing to be. I'm in good company.



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