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Wednesday I'm out of the house by 7:30 am. I had breakfast with Buddy and Irma. We held hands and prayed around around the bacon and eggs and then I sat in on their morning scripture reading and prayer session. I enjoy participating in their brand of Christianity because you can really tell they try to live the principals. Afterwatds, I hit the town of Cimarron. I went looking through some stores for gifts and eventually called my sister, Starhawk up in Denver. Got her voice mail. Then I called my ex-mother-inlaw and told her I was headed up later that afternoon. Starhawk finally called back and said Thursday would be a better day to meet but to hang loose since her MS had been acting up. So we set a loose date to meet in Pueblo on Thursday but said we'd call that morning to confirm.

I headed on up towards Raton, past the ghost town of Colfax which I shot last year. I wanted to go see two documented ghost towns, Gardiner and Brilliant and take some good photos. What I found there was like the song Alice's Restaurant. A gate across the road with a sign that told me access was permamnently closed because the land was now part of Ted Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch. Oh how I dislike Mr. Turner.

So with tears in my eyes I got back into the VW jetta and headed off to look for another place to take photos. I didn't find one 'till I cam to a side road (CO Highway 12) and off the side of the side road was a little old abandoned church called the Cordova Chapel. So I took photos there. This was very near my inlaws home.

Afterwards, I went on down the road to the inlaws house where I spent the night and contributed to dinner with Southern Illinois peaches and a loaf of homemade oatmeal bread I'd taken with me.

We all had a good visit. We always do. Diana's brother Kenny was in the area hauling gravel for Haliburton. Diana's son Jim also works for them in a more direct capacity. Martin is a logger who had hauled two loads that day but was rained out on Thursday. So Thursday morning he went to pulling out unwanted trees on their property with his log truck. Then he drove down to Trinidad to have a truck tire repaired. Meanwhile, Diana and I canned some green beans and then drove down to the old towns of
Segundo and Cokedale to take some photos.

I tried calling Starhawk but she was not to be found. So eventually I left Martin and Diana with many hugs and went exploring a little more northward in the ghost town of Ludlow, CO. This is where you need to go to the main photo page and check out the explanations on some of these places before seeing the photos. After Ludlow I drove back down to Cimarron and had drinks with old friends at the St. James Hotel before sneaking back over to Buddy and Irma's house for much needed sleep.

Next installment a little later today.




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