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Songs and meditations

First off, Congratulations to gardengnome for getting all the songs right. Since none of my friends got it yesterday, treeshaman picked up the link and copied it to her livejournal this morning
to give others a shot. Most of the songs are not that obscure, I just didn't choose the obvious lyrics. A hint though, most of my music collection is still on vinyl so that should give you some idea of the age of these songs.

So she wins her choice of custom made jewelry free of charge. I ought to do that more often.

OK, on to last night. I wanted to do at least something for the equinox but
seeing as it was after 9 when I made it to the farm, I didn't have time for
anything too elaborate so I settled on prayers of thanks and a vision quest
type of meditation. I took some time to cleanse myself and my tools in some
nice thick sage smoke. Plus the smoke helped chase out some of the lingering
winter smells in the house. I'll need to do a clearing this weekend for the
house in general.

I cleared my aura and fanned the smoke over me and the tools with a golden
eagle feather. I had chosen to use my big crystal, an amethyst crystal, a
piece of sky blue opal, a piece of honey calcite, a deer antler, an owl
feather, my coyote foot and a pewter owl fetish. I also donned my black
tourmaline pendant for protection with it's gold ring for male energy and a
silver bracelet for female energy.

I began by offering a prayer of thanks to Creator and to Mother Earth for
finally allowing Spring to begin and asked that the sage smoke carry my
prayers of good will to all the spirits working on my behalf.

I then settled into my favorite chair and laid my tools out upon myself. On
my left leg, I laid the owl feather, owl fetish and deer antler. On my right
leg, I laid the coyote foot. Across my legs I set the large crystal. Leaning
back I laid the amethyst crystal near my heart chakra. Near my crown chakra,
I placed the honey calcite and in my hand I held the piece of blue opal
hoping to contact the spirits of sky.

I settled easily into my meditative state even though there were sound
distractions from within and without the house. Almost immediately, I began
to feel the familiar vibration coming from the calcite which was picked up
and amplified by the amethyst and focused even more by the quartz. The opal
in my hand became very warm.

My vision at first dark became a bright haze of little golden particles of
light which is usually the harbinger of my Owl totem. But I did not see owl.
Instead I was lifted to lofty heights in the sky and I gazed down upon the
back of huge and colorful bird. From the shape, I don't think it was Owl
though Owl was most likely holding me airborne. The bird was most likely a
raptor of some sort. It had the general shape of a hawk. It's body was
mostly blue yet the tops of it's wings and head were red and a gold light
shimmered along the upper edges of it's wings and head. I believe I was
riding on the bird's back as I was keeping pace with it in flight and could
feel the cold fresh wind against my face and body. The air was so fresh and
sweet it burned the inside of my nose as I sucked it in in huge breaths.

Gradually the bird disappeared and I was deposited on a sandy spit in a canyon with high rock walls. There was a river flowing quickly behind me though I could only sense it was there. I couldn't see or hear it but I could feel the wet coolness. The sand was wet as well, indicating a heavy rain or a recent flood. Coyote appeared from a crack in the rock wall and bae me follow him. He trotted off through a rough V-shaped gap in the wall and out into the sun. I stood watching, not sure whether to follow. Following Coyote is sometimes a risky proposition since you can never be sure of his motives. Eventually, I started in that direction though.

When I stepped through the gap, I began to fall. I landed in water and sank quickly. What I had fallen into looked to be some kind of well or round pool. I was beneath the surface and looking up. I could see the dark edges of the pool/well and I could see bright blue sky above it. It reminded me of the old stone hand-dug well in my barnyard Dad and I covered up last year so no one would fall into it. I wasn't scared at all. No panic whatsoever even though I was still under water. Eventually I caugh a glimpse of a bald man peering ove the edge and down into the water. I wasn't sure if he could see me or not and he made no move to reach in and help me. My first impression was that the guy was the wrestler Steve Austin though I think that may have just been a bit of free association on my part. After a few minutes, the bald man disapeared from view and I swam to the surface. It only required a second to do so. As I cleared the surface, I suddenly drew in a huge breath in the waking world, as if I had not been breathing which is entirely possible since my breathing slows way down when I meditate.

Then I was back in the waking world all the way and feeling soned out of my gourd and hungry. I thanked the Spirits for this gift of vision and promised I would work to unravel it's meaning. Then I ate half a bag of Smuckers pectin jelly beans and baked a couple pork chops in apple juice for dinner and sat back down to watch a little TV and contemplate the vision. I was still stoned for a good two hours afterward and stayed up past midnight sorting through family tree papers.

Even waking this morning I am left with images of the vision to ponder. It was a nicve way to welcome in Spring though.




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