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Over and done

So Monday was the last day of work. I actually had work to do, not that much work got done. I had to take a group photo at noon. Before that we had an auction for all the employees. The purpose was to get rid of all the office furniture and such so it didn't have to be shipped. The proceeds will go to a Scholarship with the local Urban League set up in the name of our company. We ended up raising over $5,000 with the auction. I got 4 really nice arm chairs and a computer table with one flat end to go flush against a wall, a 7 foot tall oak book case, One of those computer/book travel bags on wheels, a 21" monitor, a 19" monitor and a 17" monitor. I now own 23 monitors. Oh and I got 3 more Apple G4's. That makes 6 of them that I have. After all the festivities, I used my F150 to help people haul all their newly acquired junk home. Then I went back to clean out my office and give people hugs as they were all departing. I was the very last one to leave the building on the day we all lost our jobs.

Tuesday I went down to the farm to dump all my stuff and trade trucks so I could go back and get one last load. Tuesday night, Gwen, Rob, Lynn, Kenny and I went up to Chasers for a few beers and to play some pool. Wednesday, I drove my S10 back to Peoria to get the last load of stuff from my office. Also, I'm unofficially helping the people who are employed until the 22nd get photo credits done for the last book we were working on. So I picked up a few chapters and came on home. Today I had to cook for my Scout Roundtable tonight. So I scoured Peoria for fresh pumpkins and sweet potatoes and made pumpkin bread and sweet potato bread with and without raisins. Oh and I made a killer peach cobbler spiced up with Amaretto.

I also went in to the office today and helped out a little with final inventories as well as picking up a few more chapters of the book. I just finished entering page numbers for the photo credits. Tomorrow, I'm supposed ot get the final chapters so I can finish the credits. Then I'm headed down to the farm for a wild game feed and lots of alcohol. Saturday night is a band night at Chasers so that should be fun. Sinday I'm paining my studio/office at the farm and moving the new furniture in. Then sometime early next week I hope to be heading to Virginia for an undetermined amount of time.

I'll hit the job market hard when I get back from that. I heard back from Dubuque. Nothing open for me right now. But a good shot at a position opening in early Jan. I can wait on it or I can apply up in Burr Ridge, IL and work a positon there for a minimum of 10 months and then transfer to Dubuque. That may be the safer option right now though I'll have to make 20K more than I make right now to live in the Burr Ridge area. We'll see how good my negotiating skills are.

I did get my direct deposit for my unused vacation today but they put it in the same check with the last 4 days of official wages so I won't know until tomorrow if I have enough to buy my DSLR outright or if I'll need to go do the layaway and make payments thing. I guess it won't kill me to keep using my point and shoot for a while longer.

Oh and I got the barn calendar done and got it back already. I have to say it came out beautifully. I'll post pix soon of the barns I used.




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Nov. 10th, 2006 10:15 pm (UTC)
Wander, I sent you an email earlier today that you probably missed in all that running around. I remembered one of the girls I used to work with that went to Time Warner. If you send me your resume I can send it over to her on Monday. Tomyris
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