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Welcome to the Boomtown

So I'm driving to work this morning. I've been taking residential streets for a lot of my journey because they are honestly faster than getting on the interstate. So I'm heading up Midland this morning when this woman in a newer sedan darts across the road in front of me so close I had to slam on my brakes and since the roads are covered with salt dust from all the snow, I almost slid right into her. At the last second, I notice a small child in the front seat, not in a car seat. First thing that runs though my head is, "Fuck and with a kid!" Christ on a Pogo stick people! You need to take better care of your kids than that. Getting to work or daycare or whatever five minutes earlier is not worth risking the lives of your children.

So work is going OK. We work in cubes there which is a step down from the offices with doors we had at the old office. But there are some perks too. The cubes have glass on one wall and I have a commanding view down a long hallway. There are a number of really nice looking women on our floor and two in particular that practically slink when they walk. It's fun watching them come down the hall or walk back to their desks. I pretty much got caught in my voyeurism today though. Note to self- look at your computer screen before they turn around and catch you. I'm still learning my new job. I've come to the conclusion that the various different parts of this company are completely different animals which each have their own ways of doing things. Because it's been hard to find any common ground to stand on and get the lay of the land. I've been decorating my cube lately. At least that makes me feel a bit more at home. Today I added my collection of antique cameras as a bit of a conversation piece. All in all, it's not a bad place to work.

Last week we took a trip to Dubuque for two days of figuring out how offices separated by 150 miles are going to work with each other. It was a fun trip. My old boss was pretty much against drinking when out at company functions so most dinners on the company dime were dry. This boss believes in rewarding her employees for a job well done. So dinner and drinks was paid for by the company then several of the employees went out to the casinos. I was pretty tired out from getting moved in the past week and weekend so I went back to the hotel, relaxed in the jacuzzi for a bit and played on the net for awhile before going to bed. BNext day we had meetings until 2 or so then headed for home. I stopped off in Galena, IL for a bit. Galena is a quaint little tourist trap but it's fun anyway. They have a nice winery there and lots of shops. I pretty much had the town to myself which was nice. I browsed some shops and got Deb some imported Gran Marnier chocolate truffles, English toffee coffee, some really wonderful scented candles and sweetgrass soap.

Then I continued on down the road back to Joliet. I went through a little run down town by the name of Woodbine where I found this old gem. The place looked like it would go ahead and fall down at any time. But it had some really rustic parts I just couldn't leave behind without getting some pics.

And what may I ask, is up with all the snow? I figured we'd had all our big snow back in November but every weekend we've gotten a few more inches of snow or ice. It was snowing again this morning for Pete's sake. Can't we just have cold with clear blue skies? Can we ask the weather gods to send the snow to those remorseless sun worshipers on the east coast? A month ago, my brother and I were walking about on the beach in 70 + degree weather and now it's been steadily dropping down to zero or below at night. The only good thing about all this cold is it will kill all the ticks in the woods and I won't have to worry so much when I'm gathering morel mushrooms this spring at the farm.

Speaking of the beach, it's been a month since I got back and I forgot to mention the lovely visit I had with justkimu, her hubby, kids and best friend Buddy. I thought that was a good name for a best friend. Kim is as amazing and beautiful as her journal would lead you to believe. We sat and talked for a long time and when the rain let up, she took me for a tour of her farm and I got to meet one of her Ents. It was in tromping around her ground that I discovered I needed new shoes as water soaked into my new clean socks from the bottom. Squish squish. I really had a good time with Kim and can't wait until I can go back and spend some more time.

I'm in the midst of putting my iTunes library on my work computer so I can listen to them at work and share my tunes with my co-workers.




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Jan. 30th, 2007 10:27 am (UTC)
Let's trade weather.

I love that old feed store. I love old stores in general (see my old general store at the end of the road post I made to ruralruin once upon a time.) Next time you come down here, we reall yhave to go camera exploring some of these old farmhouses on my road.
Jan. 30th, 2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
NC has some really unique farm houses too. Tobacco barns and all. It's a deal, you can have our weather. How do you want it packaged?

Jan. 30th, 2007 07:20 pm (UTC)
You look relatively happy there!

Love the way you've decorated the cube - the rugs on the desktop add such a nice touch!

And love the Feed Hall too! :)
Jan. 31st, 2007 05:31 am (UTC)
I added the collection of cameras to that on one of the shelves. I have some photos to mat and then those will be there too. The feed Hall looked about to fall in on itself. I was trying to walk carefully when I got up on the front stoop.

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