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Very Odd

The dream I had this morning right before waking was very odd. Actually It's odd that I remember dreaming at all, but then it is a full moon. I was about to get married or at least I was engaged but the girl was not Debra. I lived in a big two story house with yellowish/brown shutters and it had a tall wooden fence around the yard. The girl I was engaged to had dark hair and I remember we were having a pleasant conversation about wedding arrangements and such. Then she went away and the next day, my ex-wife, Shelly shows up. Now this really was my ex-wife. The one I've not even seen in over 12 years now. And for some reason, I was glad to see her. Next thing I know, we are in bed but its at the house next door to mine and I know somehow that my fiancee is at my house waiting for me. I look up at the clock on the wall and it says the time is 3:21. Shelly is laying on top of me and she asks me if my fiancee is next door and if I love her and if I think she's the one. I answer yes to all these questions. Then she asks if she would be mad if she knew we were doing this and I said yes again. and she asks me if I want to stop and I say no. She laughs and then starts kissing me and all of a sudden, I remember how I used to kiss her in a way that made her swoon so I start doing that. Then our clothes are gone (hey it's a dream, you don't question it) and we are just kissing and feeling and touching and she's smiling at me when she's not kissing me. And I remember feeling absolutely nothing for her as a person. Not love or hate or distrust. Just nothing. Like she was just a piece of meat. Then in real life, the phone rings and it's Deb telling me she's getting ready to drive up to Joliet to pick me up (I drove up alone with a uHaul truck yesterday). Afte I put the phone down, I thought about the dream and how strange it was that I felt and feel nothing.

Finishing the sex up would have been nice though. How often do you get to have meaningless sex with your ex-wife?




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