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Last night

Let me start out by saying I was so happy to see Survivor last night. Not only to Colby get to grab Jerri's ass several times in the obstacle course, he also got to drop her on it. I'm sorry, if I were there I'd have had to strangle her long before now. They finally voted her off. Now the only problem is that everyone else is pretty nice and it will be harder for them to decide. Still, i think I'd vote off Tina next. She was almost as anoying.

Last night after work, my boss took two of us over to Bloomington/Normal so we could help move a bedroom suite she was selling, back over here to Peoria. We got there and rented a 14 foot U-Haul truck. The nice thing about the drive over was we got to ride in her BMW. Driving it would have been nicer but riding in it was pretty cool too. Got the furniture loaded up and came back to Peoria. Took it to another managers house and unloaded and took the truck back to the U-Haul place here and went home. I got home around 8:30, ate some pizza and watched Survivor.

Found out this morning I'll be going on 2 Press OK's in June. The first for the Homes book to Jefferson City, MO and the second for Culinary Fundamentals will be down in Kingsport TN. Honestly, they could send me to Newark, NJ, the armpit of the universe and as long as they paid for my care rental and expenses, I would be happy. But Kingsport is really nice since it's near Townsend, TN with a National forest and lots of hiking and camping opportunities. Plus I could pop over to NC and visit the two chiefs for a day.

Last weekend of April I'll be at the NC coast, doing a fireworks show. You know that commercial whre they are blowing up the building and they have a few explosives left over so they decide to blow up the whole downtown area? Then they say "Just because you have to power doesn't mean you should use it!" Well, in fireworks, the opposite is true. We blow up everything we can and it's quite a rush. I'll post a few of my fireworks shots next week to show you why I love doing this stuff. Next weekend we go to what is called "Test Fire" wher all the fireworks suppliers come to show us what is new and hot in the professional pyrotecnics arena. It's about the only place we will get to see things like 24" shells being fired. They have to load the shell into the mortar with a crane and remote detonate it. The damned thing goes like 750 feet high before it explodes.

My Photo shoot to Wisconsin today got cancelled due to predictions of rain and possibly snow in the Milwaukee area so we will have to do it next week. Oh well. I'll just go spend some money on props today. I always love spending other people's money.

The weather has warmed a bit. I feel like starting a bonfire at the farm tomorrow night and dancing around it. I think I will. I love having the freedom to do that.

There will be way too much testosterone in the air on that day, let me tell you.




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