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The folks are in Illinois for hopefully the last time this year. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death but all fun pretty much ends when they show up and everything turns to either farm work or family functions. And I'm sorry but I do a least some farm work every weekend anyway. Last weekend when I was down, I moved concrete slabs weighing hundreds of pounds with the tractor, mowed, raked, cut down trees, cleared land, got rid of poison oak since I'm the only one in the family not allergic, undid a landscaping project that took a couple years to put in place and generally sweated my already non-existent ass off at our farm before going over to my aunt's farm on Sunday to help Dad rewire the barn and fix the shed. I'd just like to get up and go fishing on Sunday morning without being made to feel like I'm a traitor for not getting up at the crack in the ass of dawn and doing farm work that frankly I don't feel needs doing about half the time.

OK, now that the rant is over. I told them I wouldn't be coming down this weekend. That I hadn't stayed for a whole weekend at the Joliet house since February, which is true and I needed to get some work done up here, which wasn't exactly true. Deb and I just needed a weekend to ourselves.

So yesterday we slept in until the late hour of 9 am. Mowed the back yard which really needed it. Had some breakfast and decided to drive over to Sandwich, IL to go to the Fox Valley Winery for a tasting and maybe buy some wine. We had lunch in Plano knowing we'd probably need some food on our stomachs, then drove on over. Good thing we ate first because we tried 12 different wines and settled on a bottle each of Vignoles, Niagra and Riesling. Then we did some shopping around town before heading back to Plano where we visited our favorite bar, 16 West. We drank a couple MGD's which tasted awesome on the hot day and we played 3 games of pool. I scratched on the 8 ball on the first game but proceeded to run the table twice on the next two. Before you start feeling sorry for poor Deb, realize she put herself through 2 years of college playing pool for money. Afterwards we hit a country butcher and got a couple nice rib eyes for later in the week and headed on home.

Today we slept late until 10, watched a movie and were generally lazy all morning. This afternoon, I'd promised to go over to a co-worker's house not far away and take a look at her 73 MGB which has not run in a year or so. The gearshift seemed to be stuck. Don't ask me what I did to fix it because I don't know. I loosened some screws and poked this while prying on that. Within half an hour, I was driving it around the cul de sac shouting, "This is first gear...now second...now third...now" you get the picture. Still I suspected that her gear box was leaking and she needed to get it to her mechanic to give it a once over anyway. I think she was going to take it for a spin with the top down anyway. MGB's are not made for men who are 6'3". Then Jean threw a whole salmon on the grill while we sat inside and tlked with her partner Egon. I kid you not, the guy's name is Egon, just like in the Ghostbusters. He's a resident alien from Germany. We drank Belgian beer while we talked. We had the salmon for dinner along with a fresh garden salad with dried cherries and pine nuts and raspberry vinigarette. Asparagus and a pasta salad with a fresh mango salsa with the salmon. We opened the bottle of wine and Egon boldly thew the cork away knowing we wouldn't need it. Dessert was Creme Brule and then Ego broke out the good dessert liquors. I had this German cognac that I can't remember the name of because it destroyed my short term memory, it was that good. Deb had two shots of this German liquer made with caraway seeds. Jean had Drambuie and Egon was drinking Jagermeister and laughing contentedly like the evil little gnome that he is. Then I switched to Baileys while Jean got out the Single Malt Scotch she'd brought back from Scotland. I knew better. I'm a tequilla and mescal man but not a scotch drinker. I think my friend Eric will recall when I downed a drinking glass full of scotch and ended up in the shower with my clothes on, shoes too. Deb made the mistake of taking a shot though. She'll be paying for that tomorrow. We left an hour or so after that because I had no wish to drive so soon after drinking that. Deb passed out in the car a few minutes after we drove out of their neighborhood. I didn't have to carry her into the house but it was close. It's now several hours later and my head doesn't feel too bad. Of course I got the munchies a few hours ago and ate half a watermelon.

Belgian beer + semi sweet white wine + German cognac served by an evil little gnome is not a good combination.

But it does make for forming good friendships.




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Sep. 11th, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
Sounds like fun times! Unfortunately I don't drink so it looks like I am missing out on a lot of interesting experiences!
Sep. 11th, 2007 05:48 pm (UTC)
You are not missing out. Alcohol causes more problems that it solves. I actually drink very little for the most part. The occasional glass of wine or mead during the week and maybe a beer or two on the weekends. I've been an abuser of alcohol in the past so I know enough not to go overboard. I'm usually the designated driver who doesn't drink. But when I do drink, it's because I like the taste, not from a desire to get drunk or escape.

Sep. 11th, 2007 05:52 pm (UTC)
Oh, okay. Sometimes when I get invited over to a couple's place for dinner, another friend always brings a bottle of wine while I bring something edible to add. I often feel that I am missing out on something when they start with the wine.
Sep. 11th, 2007 06:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, you are missing out on the headache the next morning. In social situations, wine just takes the edge off, allowing people who are a bit nervous around each other to be less so. But if you are with good friends anyway, you shouldn't need that.

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