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Fire Alarm

We had a fire drill at our office today. I'm a stairwell monitor so I'm one of the last to leave, even after the searchers and elevator monitors. I got me a cute little vest and flashlight too. No I won't show you here. I'm on the 4th floor so actually the stairwell monitors on the 5th floor are supposed to be the last ones out of the building but today, I was for some reason. Anyway, we cleared 5 floors and over 500 people in 3 minutes. Not too shabby. The fire chief said we done good too.

Beside the cheating wife drama of the weekend, it was actually a fun filled two days. Rob, the kids and I went fishing again on Sunday morning. We drove 35 miles to the pond owned by a high school classmate of my Dad. We ended up with over 50 largemouth bass and a dozen 3/4 pound bluegill. Plus I hooked a 6 pound catfish and got it up to the shallows before it broke my line. I jumped in the pond after it and had it by the mouth and stuck under my foot until it got me with a spine and I let go. I'm going back after that bastard next weekend though.

I did two new rural_ruin photo shoots over the weekend. An abandoned school in Vermont, IL and a decrepit old farmhouse on a backroad near Rushville, IL. You can see the whole Vermont school shoot here. Click Me. I've not posted the farmhouse photos yet. I'm trying to decide whether to post on a Colorado Ghost town or an old sheep farm in Kansas next.

And thanks goes out to lauramander for sending me some of the honey from her bees. I got it a few weeks ago and forgot to thank her. I used the honey on some fresh papaya chunks and then covered everything with Greek yogurt. Yummmm. Also, thanks to jellyfish for the two bottles of Black Snake Meade, Blue Ridge Vineyard red wine and all the stones. The Meade was not vinegar as some of yours was. It was however so dry it tasted more like a dry red than meade. I had to add sugar. I've not opened the second bottle yet.




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