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Weekend Rituals

It was a pretty craptastic weekend weatherwise. We got the full brunt of that nasty winter storm on Saturday morning. I tried to leave and drive down to the farm. Figured going as far south as fast as I could would be a good idea. So I headed strait down I-55. I got just past the Des Plains River when I-55 became a parking lot and there I sat for the next 1.5 hours. At one point we inched forward about a block and I was able to get in the left lane and do an illegal UTurn at one of the those cop turnaround places. Back up to US Rt 6 and over to Minooka and then caught I-80 headed west, all the way over to I-180 and south down to IL 29. It was icy as hell all the way to Henry, where I stopped to strip the ice from my wipers so I could at least clear the windshield. After that, it was just wet and rainy but no ice.

5.5 hours to get to the farm where it usually takes me 3.5 hours. From 7 pm to 11 pm it actually warmed up from 40 to 47 degrees. Sunday was supposed to be nice and that's when I planned to do the Death Ritual. Read that entry and the one below it for explanation. So Sunday I awoke at 7 and lo and behold, it's pouring buckets outside. So back to sleepy land I go and dream about cats in groups of 4. Yes, I know, strange dreams.

Finally it clears up in the afternoon but turns windy and cold. I'm determined though and go out and do it anyway. Probably the reason my voice is all gravely today...ya think? I got home last night just past midnight. Only took me 3.25 hours to get back home. Heh!

Deb has some form of crud. I'm trying not to get it as the two back to back trips to AZ are coming up in less than 3 weeks now. Oh yeah, I bought the Christmas gift for Mom from Dad, Joe and I. Dad is always using me anymore because I can buy gold and gems wholesale. Nice 4 stone pendant and matching earrings in 14kt gold, with all our birthstones. Mom and Dad in January, Joe in Feb and Me in March. We have that whole first quarter locked up. Red, blue and Purple don't look too bad together.




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