Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Spring is coming - Listen to the frogs

I know Spring officially starts towards the end of this week. I'll be heading to Lenoir, NC for The Shawnee Nation Spring Council Meeting since I'm sort of the official Newsletter guy. Down at the farm Spring doesn't really start until you can start planting. The oldtimers rule of thumb for that goes something like this:

"A frog will look thrice through a pane of ice"

This means that once the frogs start "barking" there will be 3 more hard freezes (cold enough to freeze water on a pond as thick as a pane of glass overnight). Well this weekend, the frogs were barking. The frogs have a much higher percentage of being right than the groundhog by the way. So why don't we have a Frog day I ask you?

It's been getting gradually warmer lately. 30's most days instead of teens or lower. So everyone is starting to think Spring is right around the corner. The frogs know better though. I remember the Spring of 1998 when we got over 6 inches of snow in April.


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