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I'm with the Band

I missed my train Saturday morning for the first time in forever. A bridge over the Fox river was out from all the recent flooding. Unfortunately the bridge is right near the end of the shortcut I take to get to the train station in Plano. So I went back through Yorkville and pulled into the station just after the train left. I could still smell the odor the brakes make, floating in the air. I cursed my bad luck because I really didn't want to spend the gas money to drive down to the farm. Having gone to NC the weekend before though meant I'd not been there in two weeks and I needed to go check on things. So as a consolation I drove over to Mendota to see if I could find this run down house that I see from the train all the time. I did find it and photographed it extensively.

Then I went down I-39 for awhile and took some backroads over to Henry, IL and down the river to Peoria. On the backroads, I found a couple more cool old houses to shoot. Two that were side by side as if they had been neighbors.

and inside I found some really cool old things

and some really nice natural light situations

I stopped in Peoria for gas and it cost me $40 to fill up my 12 gallon tank. Ouch! I eventually got to the farm around 2 pm. If I had caught the train I'd have been there before noon. I took a brief nap and was awakened by my cousin Johnny who had come to see how my trip to the Spring council meeting had gone. I congratulated him on becoming the newest member of the Shawnee Nation SEA. He was tickled. After he left, I went into the woods to see if any morels are stirring yet. No Morels but I did find some fungi

that I will be posting later to the mycology community. Who knew there was a community for people to post mushroom pix? Well there is a llama sex community so I guess I can't be too surprised.

Plus I wanted to take some shots of some interesting trees and rocks before spring came and filled the woods with ticks and thorns.

We have lost of these vines hanging about, some of which are as big as tree trunks. and trees that have been shaped by wind and gravity.

And ancient rocks that look like Charlie Brown

So Saturday night after watching my Carolina Tarheels beat Louisville and get to the Final 4, I decide to accept an invitation and meet Rob and Gwen at the Village Pub in Industry to see our favorite local bar band, Rectified. I drive the 20 miles to Industry, looking at my gas gauge and hoping I can make it there and back since all the stations are closed. At least it wasn't too cold if I had to walk part way back. I walk in and the lead singer, Mike is in the middle of a song. He looks up, sees me, stops singing and say's "Hey Mark" right into the microphone. I smile and wave and lean up against a post and was really looking for a place to slink off to. It's like at Cheers when Norm comes in and everyone says "NORM!" because everyone in the bar stops what they are doing and looks at me like I'm some kind of wind blown prophet who just stumbled in. I swear it looked like they thought I was going to say something profound. Instead I ordered a Budwieser. How's that for profound?

Mike has been very friendly to me ever since I let him and his wife crash at my house last year so they wouldn't have to drive 75 miles home after an exhausting gig. They spent the next 3 hours having very loud sex in my guest room. I was sitting downstairs trying to ignore the fact that all the lights in the house were vibrating in time with the bouncing of the bed springs. That's rock and roll I guess.

It was a good time. Rob and Gwen are still living together even though they both have other love/lust interests now. But they were not fighting at least. I got to catch up with some folks I hadn't seen in awhile, Tony the bass player for one. We met a couple years ago while watching a bar fight that spilled out into the alley at a place they were playing. We all danced some and shot the breeze some and the party broke up around 1am.

Sunday morning I felt like death warmed over. No hangover and it wasn't because of second hand smoke because the smoking ban is in effect but I think I just slept wrong on the couch. Had a headache when I woke up that didn't go away until mid afternoon. I have some big trees down in one of my fields so when the headache finally subsided I went out with my chainsaw and sawed up the trees. Hooked chins on and hauled them off with my truck and dumped them in various erosion holes I have around the farm. The chainsaw didn't help my headache any. But at least I got something done. I watched the Davidson v. Kansas game and then started for home, finally arriving about 1 am.




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Apr. 2nd, 2008 06:17 am (UTC)
I hope you are feeling better now. It has been extremely rainy, cold, and windy. No mushrooms here nor fungi that I've heard about.

A lot of us down this way have sinus, colds, or sore throats from the yo-yo like weather.

Thanks for sharing the great pics!
Apr. 2nd, 2008 03:17 pm (UTC)
Did you notice the big huge vine wrapped around the hedge tree? I posted that one for you.

Apr. 2nd, 2008 03:32 pm (UTC)
Yes, I noticed that 'vine' and thank you :) I suppose that's the common grape vine found in the woods but I've never seen that big one except in photos.

In the tree with the massive exposed roots, it appears that some critter has been tunneling and made a den under that old tree. Hard to tell what that could be. I doubt even you were brave enough to stick your hand and arm under that tree :)
Apr. 2nd, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
It's actually not grape vine. Illinois has about a dozen varieties of woody vines. This one is called Oriental Bitterroot and can grow to 5 inches in diameter.

And no, I don't stick my hand into anything I can't see the end of or bottom of. I try to leave critters alone when I can. I've seen a badger coming out of a tree root system in my woods before and I know other critters use the roots for homes as well.

Apr. 2nd, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
I'm still amazed at the diameter of so called 'vines'. That's more like a tree trunk.

I especially like the trumpet vines which grow along the highways in fences separating farmland from county property. I am upset when the highway department comes along and sprays the vines and kills them -- they don't come back the following year. It's the same with the blue chicory, Queen Anne's Lace, and wild orange tiger lilies. I'd rather look at these wildflowers (called 'weeds' by the highway dept) rather than brown grass all Summer long.
Apr. 2nd, 2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
They don't kill them off in the more rural counties. So take a drive to central Illinois in the summer sometime if you want to seethem. We don't have enough money in the county or township budge to waste in herbicides.

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