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A Wandering

Well, my springtime traveling plans have gone a bit awry. The cheap ticket I had my eye on for $160 to California is now upwards of $600 and the $4 per gallon fuel plus a $400 car rental to drive from Southern Cal up to Portland is going to be a little cost prohibitive. So I'm putting that trip off for Summer or Fall. Now that I'm not taking a business trip to Boca Raton in August, I'll have a little more free time to plan. I will be headed to NC on June 20 to attend our Summer council Meeting.

Prior to that I've decided to plan my Spring vacation in Texas. On the surface this may not seem like such a wise plan given the number of times I've been in trouble with the law in Texas, but my karma has been pretty good of late and maybe I've gotten all that wildness out of my system now.

I'm going to drive my own car and I'll just have to not thing too hard about the $250 it will cost me for gas. It's actually cheaper to take the train than anything else but when I got there, I'd still have to rent a car and pay for gas down there. Car rental is $400 a week so that's out.

I'll be staying in Dallas at an extended stay place I found for about $200 for the week. I'll be leaving Joliet on the 6th of June and getting into Dallas sometime late on the 7th. I'll be there until the 14th. I plan to head to Austin at some point. I know aronal, godorion and bitingfrenzy are all there and I'd like to visit with them. Also, my very old and good friend Doug O'Connell is the State General Counsel for the Texas Military Forces and it will be good to catch up with him

Other than that, I'll be visiting with friends in Dallas like blurofego and taking in some of the sights like possibly Palo Duro Canyon if I feel like driving up to Amarillo.

If anyone wants a visit, please let me know.



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May. 9th, 2008 02:29 am (UTC)
If you get arrested... I am not sweet talking you out of it.
Unless it is in Denton county... then maybe I will bring doughnuts.
May. 9th, 2008 02:42 am (UTC)
I'd rather just try to avoid Johnny Law altogether.

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