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Catching up

Friday I was out of the office for our company's Global Volunteer day. We spent all day at a shelter for victims of domestic abuse. We did landscaping, prepared baskets of supplies for the people who get through the program, painted offices and did an inspirational mural. I was the official photographer but I did manage to get some work done.

Saturday we had a family reunion at our other farm for my Mom's side of the family. I was the official cook for that one. I think I grilled 8 dozen hamburgers and 6 dozen hot dogs. We had over 100 people there. Afterwards, I went back to our farm while the folks went to my home town of Carthage for graduation ceremonies for kids of cousins whose names I don't even know nor would I recognize them. I have 27 first cousins on Mom's side. Over 100 second cousins and so on. I meet new family every time I go to a reunion. I won't even get started with Dad's family. I'm related to whole counties in Illinois by virtue of the two families. I went home and worked on getting lawn equipment running and spent considerable time talking to blurofego about my upcoming vacation down her way. I also met with Deb's dad at the glass store on Saturday morning. He's replacing the glass from the deer encounter and he was able to get most of the dents out of the door. I've ordered a new fender and it will be installed this week. Then I'll be ready to head to Texas the next week.

Sunday, Dad and I worked on getting the yard in shape.Several days of rain every week all Spring has made a mess of things in the yard and pastures. It almost looks like a place where someone lives now. Though we broke as much equipment as we actually fixed. The folks went to Quincy in the evening for a get together with dad's high school classmates. I went to WalMart in Beardstown to get a pair of new tires for my little truck. Dad paid for them since I use it to do work for the farm. On the way back over the Illinois River bridge, I was putting on me seatbelt when I got nailed by a state cop and got a ticket for not wearing my seat belt. I guess they are serious about that stuff! $55 and I was on my way.

Monday, Dad and decided to clean out our barn. My Grandmother's family bought that farm in 1938 and we found stuff in that barn that predates that. Beside a granary full of antique coal oil cook stoves, we found a kitchen sink pump of the kind they used when they first started to pump water into houses from the well for interior use. We also found 3 full size wooden barrels made in nearby Cooperstown in the 1800's complete with the bung in the bung hole. The goal is to get everything out of the barn so we can pressure wash it and re-arrange it. We are also dismantling a long section of manger stalls because we don't ever plan on having livestock again aside from chickens and maybe a few goats. The day was not without incidents though. We wanted to move a stack of metal cattle fencing. These are 16 foot panels made of thick wire that you string together by attaching them to upright steel fenceposts. They weigh about 40 pounds each. We wanted to move them from one room of the barn to an adjacent one. We could either go out the front door of the barn and back in another door or wrap the panels around a corner and right into the next room. Always looking for the easiest way of doing something, I suggested we lean the panels against me and start from the inside of the stack so it would be easier to guide them around the corner. We started pulling them back against me when suddenly, all 20 of them shifted and fell back into me. I was knocked backwards 2 feet into the back of the manger where a wooden ladder was hanging and then the fencing landed on me. I was never happier to be overweight. The fence caught me just under the ribcage. Had I been thin, I'm quite sure I'd have sustained internal injuries as well as hurting my spine. I never saw my dad move so fast to try to get the 800 pounds of fencing off me. I told him I was OK and to take his time with it. I couldn't move under the weight and the fencing was laying at such an angle I couldn't get any leverage to push it off. He got about half the stack off me and pulled the rest up far enough I could get behind the top strands and push and we were able to get them to fall back where they had been.

So now I have a purple bruise across my back where I hit the ladder/manger and I have a bruised imprint of cattle fencing across my stomach. My massage therapist will not be very happy with me tomorrow. I feel old.

The little truck was running like a striped assed ape and I was able to get home in 3 and a half hours last night.

So 10 more days of work and I'll be in Texas for a week. I can't wait.




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May. 28th, 2008 03:00 am (UTC)
"The little truck was running like a striped assed ape"

Ok...you explained this one to me once...but I forget. Is this good or bad?

May. 28th, 2008 03:06 am (UTC)
Very good, smooth and fast.

May. 28th, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
The sheer size of your family boggles my mind. How the hell do you keep track?

People in Texas talk weird? I have no idea what a striped ass ape does, but... You are so odd!
May. 28th, 2008 05:00 pm (UTC)
Striped assed ape just means balls to the wall. As far as the family, you just get used to it over time and get used to meeting new ones. I don't keep track of all the second cousins and beyond.

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