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Wander aka StoneBear

As the waters recede...

Looks like West Central, IL is out of danger from the flood now. The waters are starting to recede despite the rains we've been getting. I went Sunday to the sandbag staging area where I'd been the previous weekend and there were tons of bags and no more sand. Homeland Security looked to be pulling up stakes and moving on down river to Missouri. So I ventured down to Quincy to get some damage photos and then worked my way back up river to where I'd been the previous week. The smell is awful everywhere. Dead animals mixed with farm runoff, manure and effluent from the hog farms. Not exactly perfume. It makes you gag until you get used to it and that's saying something that you could get used to it. The mosquitoes are really bad and already carrying West Nile. The gnats hang in clouds and attack as soon as you near the water. There is this horrible, sticky, clinging sludge on everything and now the floor mat in my car smells like the bottom of the Mississippi River. We will be cleaning up for a long time to come. On to the Pictures.

These first ones were all shot at the bottom of Broadway street in Quincy near it's intersection with Bonasinga Street. Where the restaurant sits there is usually dry land until you get to the very back which sits out over a foot or so of water.

Sandbags protecting a business

Tons of dead carp were around making the stench worse

Bet they thought they were high enough up.

The brown line marks where the water came up on the sea wall.

Aptly named restaurant.

BNSF will have to check the structural integrity after everything dries to make sure no footings washed out.

May be some of my sandbags there.

Leaving the Gem City behind

Down on the bottoms. Roads are drying out in some places

That farm is where I was bagging sand last week. You can see how close the flood waters built up behind it.

This was completely underwater last week

This farm remains underwater

A ruined corn crop sits below this muck

This was a soybean field

Driftwood from Iowa maybe

This was all water last week

Love Seat

Still a lot of water. That's a rooftop out there

There is a road under that muck

This farm is drying out slowly

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