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For the second time in just over a month, I have helped someone move out of their house in 96 degree heat. I think I've seriously lost weight this weekend. When sweat is actually pouring off your face, you know it's hot out.

Saturday morning Rob and I took off at 8 am to head to Burlington, Iowa and pick up fireworks for the party next week. We had to go by way of Carthage, IL and across the Mississippi river at Keokuk because supposedly US 34 was close on the IL side from all the flooding...still. It took awhile but we got there and bought in excess of $2000 worth of fireworks. I actually only wrote the check for $500 but we get such and insane discount for this stuff. The plant owner also threw in everything he had that had broken packaging. So we got an extra 3 cases of stuff. Next weekend should be eventful. He also told us that one lane was open on US 34 so we went back across the bridge at Burlington. The town of Gulfport, IL is still underwater and I don't mean just a little. The barest top of the strip club is sticking out above the water which is kind of biblical in a way I guess since Gulfport has always sort of been the Sodom and Gomorah of that part of Illinois. We did get some photos of the devastation. Rob shot while I drove. The Ayerco gas station we used to always stop at for cheap gas is on an island with the pumps still under water. You could tell the water got very high and into the station and now they are demolishing it. The water covered the highway for so long it washed a 200 foot section away. So in order to finally get the road open, they set concrete highway barriers on both sides of the road bead, pumped out the water and dumped in several tons of gravel to elevate the surface enough to open one lane. It was pretty eerie driving over it. Pictures to follow in a bit.

We did find a shorter route to get to the fireworks plant so I guess that was good. When we got home, I started helping Rob move out of the House he and Gwen have shared for 16 years. That was not without it's own drama on top of how fucking hot it was. I had advised both of them early on to make a list of who wanted what and put it on paper with the divorce. Did they listen? Nope. So that leads to scenes like the wife standing there holding the titles to that boat and the camper which she won't give back unless he brings back the air compressor and him saying, "Hell she gets to keep the 4 wheeler and the house!"

That night we went out to Club 67 to see a band called "No Denial". We ended up later in Beardstown at Mile 88 seeing a band called Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters. You have to love a band named after a fictional band from a movie about a fictional band. They were actually really damed good. The crowd was excited. We had 4 scantily clad women and 3 guys in our group which is always a plus. Plus one of the guys was a state cop. Bonus for helping you stay out of trouble. I ended up driving the whole drunken lot of them home.

Sunday morning saw Rob and I at it again with the moving thing. Despite wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I was completely soaked by 10 am. It didn't help that when we got over to Rob's new place, his new girlfriend and her friends were all in the pool. I sweated off my hangover, they got to swim theirs off in the nice cool water.

I finished with helping Rob about mid-day and went back to the farm to mow in the nice hot sun for a few hours before heading back to the train station. Despite a train load of real winners who did nothing but complain about the heat and how they couldn't have 2 seats all to themselves, it was an enjoyable ride home. I alternately listened to the audio version of Jack Kerouac's "The Dharma Bums" and read Merlin Donald's "A Mind So Rare" which is about the evolution of Human conciousness. Nice light reading eh? Deb's car is in the shop or about to be so I had her drop me at the station on Friday and take my car home. She apparently left an interior light on and the battery wore down all the way. So guess who was not at the train station to pick me up? After several hours of trying to help her figure out how to fix the car, we called my uncle in Orland Park and had him drive the hour to Plano to come get me. In the mean time, the lovely Plano police had detained me thinking I was either a vandal or a vagrant. The fact I was dressed better than either of the above is perhaps what saved me further hassle. They did go so far as to call my driver's license info into the dispatcher and check for any wants and warrants. They did harrass me about the one seat belt ticket I have on my record. Just then, my uncle showed up. I guess wandering the streets of a small midwestern town for several hours could raise some flags with someone.

So I finally get home at 11:30 having gotten off the train at 8:45. I cleaned the battery terminals on my car and hooked up the charger, closed the hood and walked up to the gas station 6 blocks away for a Vitamin Water for me and cigarettes for Deb. This morning the car started. It's running a bit ragged after last night's rain. I think because of a possible cracked distributor cap. That's cheaper to replace than the $100 + coil pack so I'll replace that first and hope for the best.

Easy work week though with a boss on vacation. Only work until Thursday anyway then Weekend O' Party.




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Jul. 22nd, 2008 03:15 am (UTC)
You need another vacation! One where you actually do nothing... (Somehow I doubt that is going to happen.)
Jul. 22nd, 2008 02:08 pm (UTC)
Depends on who I got to see on my vacation I guess. Doing nothing is boring. I'm sure I'll do a lot of that when I'm dead.

Jul. 22nd, 2008 03:45 pm (UTC)
This entry reads like a country and western song...
Jul. 22nd, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
Sometimes i think my life reads like a Country and Western song.

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