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Day 4

The morning of the 4th day, I was awakened by the loud cawing of crows outside. Even louder than the damned rooster next door. Buddy and Irma were off to run errands after breakfast. I headed into town to get a cup of tea and buy a bundle of sage. I ran into one of the owners of the Casa del Gavillan at Blue Moon and then again at the Art Gallery and again at Cimarron Blue, Cousin Tracy's formal gallery. She accused me of stalking her. I ran into her again at Shirley Dale's Outfitter store. I told her I'd seen her at the St. James the first night and then told her I'd taken lightning pictures in the driveway of her inn. I offered her a print and she said she would give me a free night's stay at the Inn if I sent it to her. I'll definitely be taking her up on that. About noon I got on the road to Raton. I wanted to stop at Solanos Western Wear and see if they had any western shirts or vests on clearance.

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with Raton. On the one hand, it's kind of a shitty little down at the heels town and always has been. On the the other hand, it was always the closest bet for finding someone to drag race or a loose woman when I was younger. What do you expect from a town whose name refers to a nasty rodent. Even the locals call it Rat Town.

From there on up over Raton Pass to Trinidad and then up CO highway 12throug the Purgatoire River Valley and all the little old Spanish-named coal mining towns to Weston. My ex-inlaws live in a nice adobe across from Primero Junior High. All the way to their house I was noticing the crows. I'd had a vision about them before I left. I didn't expect to actually see them. They sat in pairs facing opposite directions all over the place. On the side of the road, on phone poles and in unnaturally large numbers for that country. I sort of knew what they wanted and I'd planned to do something about it the next day and told them so.

I got to the Brown's house and Martin was not home. He was in Brighton, Co hauling sand for Haliburton. So I just had a good time talking to Diana and helping her can pears and peaches. It was good therapy for her too because she's ever so slightly clairvoyant but gets no support from her family. So she can talk to me and I can tell her all my bizarre metaphysical stuff. Well it's bizarre in her world anyway. I told her I wanted to go visit this old Ranch house in the San Luis Valley. She said she needed to go over and get a deer someone had left for her at the butcher in Villa Grove and we could meet Deb's Dad who was hunting there, have lunch and go pick crab apples at their old house in Saguache.

Day 5

So the next day we were heading up La Veta Pass by 8:30 am. I told her about my dreams and visions regarding this day along the way. She listened intently. We managed to find the old ranch house by around 11 am. The account of that and everything leading up to it can be found here: The Trouble with Visions.

We explored a bit and I performed the needed rituals and it felt like everything was right with the world once more. The crows returned to normal behavior patterns after that which was appreciated. We found Deb's Dad and his buddy Randy in town and had a good Mexican lunch then went to the house to pick crabapples.. We got about 5 bushels from this one tree and didn't really even deplete the supply. This is my ex-mother-in-law Diana with my future father-in-law Mike on the right and his friend Randy on the left.

Diana had some things to do at the County Abstract Office which gave me time to explore Saguache where I've lived twice in my life. This place has never been a bank in the 21 years I've been coming here but it is a nice building. Someone lives there. And I've always thought this was pretty snazzy for a town of 800 people. And the sad little newspaper office that still hand sets and prints a weekly broadsheet. There is the one and only bank building that still has no ATM. That pink building used to be a bar called Packer's Place. It was named for the cannibal Alferd Packer. I used to bartended there. I always loved the Drug Dealer sign in the window. I was head chef for about 3 weeks in this place in the winter of 93. It closed down very soon after it opened. No fault of mine, my New York strip steak and grilled shrimp rocked. Across the street is the Ute Theater where my ex-wife and I used to go see movies for $3 each when we were married in the late 80's. This is the alley I'd walk down at night coming home from the bar. I only lived 2 blocks away. Why drive?

Here is the house we lived in. I've lived there twice. I did the brown coat of paint 22 summers ago. And the same summer my ex-father-in-law and I built this fence by hand from Aspen we cut on our logging job and it's still in the same good shape.

On our way up to Villa Grove we saw this interesting cloud and rain pattern. On the way back over La Veta we stopped at a couple old cabins we had both wanted to see. The land was otherwise occupied so we didn't feel like jumping the fence and getting shot but I'd love to explore them more fully sometime.

Day 6

We got back late but I was up early the next day and helping my ex-brother-in-law load some sheet tin for a shed he's building. Then I hit the road after hugs and goodbyes. I'd promised the Nation's Mother for our tribe that I would go to the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Trinidad and photograph some family gravesites for her. Turns out the cemetery is miles out of town and filled with hispanic names of course. Over 10,000 of them. So I drove around looking for names from a list she gave me. I found several dozen and photographed them carefully so the dates could be seen. Some pretty cool stones there.

Getting back down to Raton, I decided I needed some better jeans for the concert that night so I went to KMart. There I found that despite not really sticking to my diet that well on vacation, I'd dropped from a 44 waist to a 42 waist so I was happy. I got my jeans and headed back to Cimarron. I wandered out to the cemetery to visit with old friends and while there shot parts of it I'd not explored before. There are lots of old Spanish burials and many from the wild days of Cimarron's frontier past. The wooden ones are the best.

I made it back to Buddy and Irma's for buffalo roast for dinner and then a quick change and off to the concert. I have to say I really loved it. This chick can play! Afterwards I was invited to the artists reception. Talk about lipstick on a pig. Redneck boy rubs elbows with the muckety mucks of the art community. The white zin was quite tasty and the conversation was entertaining too. I hung around until we got kicked out and snuck back into the house and onto the couch so I could wake up early and hit the road for home. I could tell the old folks expected not to see me because they left me a very heartfelt note. I was asleep in no time and dreaming of lithe French pianists and good wine and conversation.

Next and last post...Leaving God's Country.




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Oct. 3rd, 2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
Was here briefly - late for work - checking it out. Thanks for posting, and with all kinds of pictures!
Oct. 4th, 2008 12:17 am (UTC)
Gotta share with everyone.

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