Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

My diagnosis

Now that all the drugs have left the building, I have a final diagnosis. Labyrinthitis. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Mostly because day to day you just don't know how you will feel. I'm not supposed to be driving but I can work for short periods of time. I'm a little better each day. Yesterday I didn't have periferal vision. Today I do. Though today I also have tinitus. I'm prone to just nodding off to sleep for an hour at a time as well. Taking a shower is a very strange experience. You don't want to shut your eyes when you wash your hair. The doc gave me these exercises to do that will re settle all the little crystals in my inner ear and then I'm supposed to be allright. Can't wait for that to happen. In the meantime, I'll just keep overcompensating when I go around corners and try not to walk into walls. And I'll keep on taking my motion sickness pills. Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone. Hopefully I'll be on the mend soon.

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