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Friday the 13th

I've read in other people's journals that Friday the 13th is being unlucky but it's been a good one ofr me so far. It's really busy at my publishing company job but that's OK. The lucky thing was this morning I sold a gold and tanzanite ring I've been trying to get rid of. I made around a $300 profit which is wonderful since I owe almost exactly that on a VISA card I have. Historically, this has always been a good day for me.

I found out the origins of the superstitions are church related of course. During the Inquisition, on Friday the 13th of October King Phillip the IV of France had all the Knights Templar arrested and charged as heretics and witches and homosexuals and burned at the stake. The Templars were the knights originally charged with protecting the Holy Lands after the Crusades ended. Darn church anyway. I hope it's a good day for all.

I have an outdoor sale of my jewelry this weekend. It's the second half of a two weekend affair. Last weekend, my girlfriend and I froze our collective butt off at this thing. Saturday the high temp was 34 and Sunday it was 37. Sunday I broke down and took a kerosene heater with us. It help a bit. This weekend promises to be cloudy but at least in the 60's. If it will not rain much, we will do well, if not we will be lucky to make our entry fee. Crossing my fingers for good weather.

I had an order for 20 Dreamcatcher going to my dad in NC. I got them all done in 4 days. Pretty much a record for me. He called me last night to say they had all arrived and in good condition. Made $200 off that deal. I sat up last night and made 3 more. Still have to put feathers on them but ought to be able to sell them this weekend. Deb made 17 bracelets in the past 3 days and I need to make about 10 necklaces tonight. I've got some big shark's teeth coming in which will make nice pendants after I wire wrap them. I'm really hoping we sell well this weekend and at our pre-Christmas sale in three weeks. Between the two, we ought to have enough to go out to Tucson in February. That will be a welcome relief after Winter really gets here. Heading to NC again for Christmas. That will be a nice break too. Illinois Winter's really bite.


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