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He said pussies!

Supposedly, we have a cougar running around a wooded cemetery about 1/2 mile from my house in the city. The local paper has been printing at least a story a day for the last week. Everyday, some nut calls in to say he saw the damned thing. Must be a were cougar though because it's not leaving any tracks for any of the authorities to find. I've been in the presence of a cougar or two while hunting elk in Colorado and believe me, if one has taken up residence in the area, you are going to know about it. Tracks or blood from it's kills at the very least will be found. This one has to have plenty of food too. Deer and other prey in the woods and whole neighborhoods full of domestic dogs and house cats. Plus there is a stream running through the woods providing an excellent water souce and there have been no tracks in the soft sand at it's edge. The police have even taken to doing hourly patrols through the cemetery at night...to no avail.

One of the funniest things about the whole thing though, is a local newspaper columnist actually got away with saying the dreaded "p" word in print. I kid you not, here is the quote:

"Yet it could be worse. If Peoria is becoming a homeland for deadly carnivores, I'd prefer them to be less agile than those on the Discovery channel. The channel routinely shows cheetahs and other predatory pussies easily running down antelopes, gazelles and other fleet-footed foodstuffs."

Can you believe he got away with that. In any event, the search continues.



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