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went into my garage over the weekend and stole a 2.0 liter Volkswagen engine. Now granted it had been sitting there for 2 years waiting for me to pull the head and then I was going to sell it to a scrap buyer. But fuck! Who goes up someone's driveway when they are drying their garage out from recent rains, picks up an engine and takes it? I hope the assholes got hernias trying to lift that heavy piece of shit. It was all I could do to push it off the truck when I brought it home. Plus it was still full of oil. Hopefully it spilled all over their truck and ruined something. Apparently it happened on Friday or Saturday when I was gone. Deb left the door open because I'd asked her to in an effort to dry the place out. Then she went out for cigarettes. I only noticed it tonight when I went to get the grill out for dinner. I guess I should count myself lucky they didn't steal the lawnmower or the can of gas or any other implements of destruction. They did knock over my tomato plants. Fuckers! I had a Joliet cop over here getting a statement. He didn't seem too optimistic of recovering anything. And he said, "This isn't the worst I've heard. These scrappers can get pretty balsy!"

Guess we'll have to keep the garage door shut all the time now. They better hope I never catch them. I can't wait until I move.

*Edit* - Last night I sent emails to all the local scrap yards. About 3/4 of them have contacted me back saying the engine has not come in yet but they will let me know if it does. At least that's something.



Jul. 2nd, 2009 07:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I am totally feeling you re: your comment about that Santa Fe depot air-conditioner theft - and like you said, you would have PAID someone to haul it away if they could have waited, or even if they had ASKED you.


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