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My Brother's Band

Not too much going on today. Just contacting the marketing Department of "This OLd House" Magazine to get photos for my book. My brother wrote to tell me of his band's newest album.

On May 28, his band 310 released their 4th album "After All" on the Leaf Label in London. On June 15, he will be travelling from his home in Seattle to Barcelona, Spain (lucky little bastard) to tour and promote the album. Then on the NYC to do a few gigs. I may try to show up at one of those shows and surprise him of course I'll probably get horribly lost in NYC since I've not been there in like 15 years. Can't be any worse than getting lost in Chicago I guess and I did that just last year.

Anyway, tonight on the BBC radio network the radio show Radio One on their One World show is going to feature groups from the 310 label including 310. The show will be broadcast and simulcast on the Internet from midnight to 2 am Greewich Mean Time. If you are in the central time zone, as I am this translates to 6-8 pm. 7-9 for those of you on the East Coast. 5-7 for those of you on Mountain time. I've got the station going right now on Real Player so I know it works.

The Link for the One World show is:

One World on Radio One

There you can find a link to listen in to what's playing now.

If you want more Info on 310, you can go to thier website at this link:

310 Web Site

And see other albums and read reviews and such.

If I had to describe their music, I'd say it was a mix of industrial, techno, hip hop and ambient sound. Some really nice stuff to study to or just sit and listen. I'm actually pretty proud of my brother for seeing this band through considering he and his band mate started in high school as a Black Sabbath tribute band.

If you are interested, I have autographed copies of their first three CD's and could make you a recording. I should have the most recent soon as well.




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Jun. 3rd, 2001 06:44 pm (UTC)
Like the new icon. Changey. Keeps Ryl entertained.

*watches new icon for hours*
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