Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear


Seems I'm now collecting Author Signatures. I have a personally autographed hard back copy of Mystic Warriors of the Plains by Thomas Mails.

Maybe that one was cheating since he did it when I interviewed him years ago.

Plus a copy of Lonesome Dove signed by Larry McMurtry

and now a personally signed copy of Jailbait Zombies by Mario Acevedo in which he wrote "Better Undead than Unread!"

On Tuesday, one of my new favorite authors, Richelle Mead who writes this amazing series on a Succubus living in Seattle, will be in Naperville promoting her new book Blood Promise which is in an entirely different series than the Succubus books I'm reading now. This would only be my second ever author signing event. So is it a big faux pas to ask an author to sign a book other than the one she's currently promoting? Because I really want her to sign my copy of Succubus Blues.

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