Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Creatures of the Night

Halloween itself was fun. Deb and I set up to hand out candy but either because of our location behind a school or because of sidewalk construction on our block we only got about 9 kids. But that was fine too. Afterward, I went down to the Grand Opera House in Dubuque to shoot the Betty and the Headlights concert which was followed by a costume contest and a screening of Rocky Horror. While I was photographing the concert, I got felt up by one of the people playing Dr. Frank N. Furter. Not that I'm complaining I suppose. The whole band was dressed as Rocky characters. The drummer, whose name is Woodstock was wearing a red corset, garters and hose so hard to tell if he was doing Frank or someone else from the floor show scene. The bass player was Eddie. The lead singer was Magenta. The lead guitarist was Riff Raff. The guest guitarist was one of the Transylvanians and the guest singer was Janet from the Floor Show scene. I got some pretty decent shots and some video. I was al over the place. On the stage, in the pit, up on the balconies and catwalk. Nice to have that freedom as a photographer. So here's a sampling of what I got.

I'm raking part of the day off today. I shot a product shot of a Prius this morning. This afternoon I'm priming my newly built front porch for painting and Deb is finishing that over the weekend. Then I'm headed to the farm for a couple days. I'll be back Sunday night to shoot Red Knife Lottery, a band from Milwaukee at the Busted Lift Bar in Dubuque.

*Edit* - The girl singing is my landlord's daughter.


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