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Digital Video

Does anyone have recommendations for a good camera to record digital video. Not really looking for a point and shoot camera that will also do video. Something a little higher end. Doesn't have to be professional but a good consumer version would do. I've started a website project with a few other area people and friends elsewhere that will be based around giving in depth information on the local music scene. We want to do performance videos of all the local bands and hand holding my old point and shoot just isn't cutting it. I've never really gotten into video as anything but a hobby but now I'm needing something a little better.





Nov. 17th, 2009 07:35 pm (UTC)
Of course, you get the best quality from an actual video camera. The cost of getting a camera that can also produce good quality video and the high capacity memory cards for it can cost a lot. Currently, the best digital DSLR for the job is probably the new Canon 7D which costs about $2300 for the body and the kit lens.

The Canon Rebel T1i does HD video as well but apparently not as good:
"The term Full HD has become synonymous with 1080p resolution. While the Canon Rebel T1i can capture 1080p resolution video, it does so at 20 frames per second, which makes for some not-so-smooth video. The 20 fps frame rate is particularly troubling when panning.

The good thing is that you can easily change the resolution to a more practical 720p resolution, which rolls smoothly at 30 fps. The overall quality of 720p video will still blow you away. Finally, you have the option of shoot at standard VGA resolution of 640×480.

Recording time is limited by memory capacity. 4GB is the magic number in the T1i. If you are recording a single file that reaches the 4GB file size mark, then the camera will automatically stop recording. If you have a larger card in the camera, you can simply hit record again to restart the recording.

A 4GB card offers the following approximate recording times:

1080p for 12 minutes
720p for 18 minutes
640×480 for 24 minutes
A 16GB cards nets the following approximate recording times:

1080p for 49 minutes
720p for 1 hour 13 minutes
640×480 for 1 hour 39 minutes"

From here.
Nov. 17th, 2009 09:19 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I think we just need a dedicated video cam rather than a DSLR that does both. This is a non/not for profit effort with essentially all volunteer input so I doubt we want to spend more than a few hundred for this device. But this is good for my choices of my next DSLR purchase.

Nov. 17th, 2009 10:02 pm (UTC)
Ah. Okay... I thought you wanted a camera that did both and was wondering about your sanity for a moment. ;)

Perhaps look into keeping an eye out for a used one locally once you have narrowed down your choices?


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