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This journal entry has no particualer direction other than to tie up some loose ends I've been neglecting. I have to get a lot done on both the books today so I can play hookie tomorrow and go to the fireworks plant to pick up the stuff for our party show on the 23 of June.
For those of you following my vision quest episodes, last week when I went on the press OK to MO, I had a long meditation the evening before and I saw this snake crawling along in a decidedly back and forth snakey motion. Snake is a symbol of shedding one part of your life and entering a new phase. I must admit I've begun to look at things quite differntly lately. One of those things is in my commitment to Debra. This is a good thing because for the last five years I've felt I've been holding part of me back from her. Probably due to how horribly my marriage ended I'd guess. But lately I've felt I was able to give her all of me when she's needed me to. Last night we were in the back yard sitting on the back steps. It was hot and muggy, having been in the mid 90's all day. There was a nice little breeze blowing occasionally. She had her beer and I had my ice cold bottle of blackberry cider. Suddenly she hugged me and I hugged her back and we just held each otehr and she told me I was her rock which made me feel pretty damned good inside.

I'm sure there are other changes to come but that's one tangible one. In a dream that night, I also got an inspiration. For awhile now I've been wanting to carve a pipe. I've done some carving in Pipestone of bears and turtles with some success. I've even carved a pipe from an elk horn but have always wanted to try carving a nice pipe out of Pipestone. So in my dream, I see this beautiful pipe with a acrved snake wrapped completely around it. It starts with the tail at the base and wraps around the stem and bowl with one fianl coil and it's head resting on the lip of the bowl. I plan to start carving it this weekend. I'll put up pictures of the progress next week.

And now for the Announcement:


On Saturday, June 23, 2001 I will be hosting my 5th Annual, Pre-4th of July, Summer Extravaganza at my farm near Rushville, IL. Come one come all but if I don't know you from LJ please write me first to tell me who the heck you are. There will be free beer, skeet shooting, horseshoes. A fish fry, tons of good conversation and a professional fireworks show that will rival the shows many towns put on.

Seriously, if any of my LJ friends would like to come, you are more than welcome. I have a 103 acre farm in West Central, IL. On it there sits a 4 bedroom farmhouse with lots of room and I'd be happy to put people up for the weekend. Traditionally this has been attended by about 75-100 people in a family friendly atmosphere. People have been known to bring kids and parents so fear not.

Just let me know.

Also, July 4th is Deb and my 5 year anniversary. Ain't that special?

Well it's off to work now.



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