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Mysterious Ways

My landlord wants me to buy the house we rent because he's moving to Florida to get away from the cold Midwest. Apparently he doesn't mind hurricanes. I'm not actually that confident that I can get a lone for the price he's asking on my current credit score (it's not that bad. It's Fair but not great). But every time I pursue this with one of my banks or credit unions some artistic opportunity pops up. First I got the opportunity to do a 3 week solo gallery show at a traditional gallery in Galesburg, IL. Then the same week, I got a second opportunity to be the second artist to display his works at a brand new art and music venue opening in downtown Dubuque, IA. Seems like the Universe is telling me to pursue my art and not worry about the house thing (even if it means another move to another rental house). The only downside to doing the 2 shows is that it will cost about $3000 when all is said and done and it's money I don't exactly have at this point. My goal is to prepare 60 pieces between the 2 shows. I found a lab in Colorado that will do 16 x 20 Canvas Gallery wraps for $28 each. The walls in the first show are uneven limestone and there will be people in there drinking and dancing during the six weeks the show will run. I will feel a lot better about a canvas and wood print getting knocked off the wall onto a concrete floor than a wood and glass frame. The traditional gallery show has a gallery hanging system so I won't feel too bad going with a mix of traditional frames and standout foamcore prints in there.

So I spent much of the last week putting together a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. I chose this over Kickstarter because you get to keep everything that is donated regardless of making your overall goal. So here is the link to my campaign.






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