Wander aka StoneBear (wander) wrote,
Wander aka StoneBear

Birthday Boy

Today is my 49th birthday. My Mom called me at 12:18 am to remind me how much pain I put her through getting me to come into the world! I'm falling asleep at work because I was up until 3 am getting 38 linoleum cuts printed and matted and sent out to my Dad this morning for some Scouting awards he wants to do. I'd have charged him labor and all but I owe him upwards of $2k so I'd feel guilty doing it. Friends had Deb and I over for dinner last night and a nice house concert. I've got a massage in about an hour and hope I don't fall asleep during that but it would not be the first time. Then Deb and I will go out to dinner at one of the local higher end restaurants. If the weather holds out for the weekend, I may drive down to Kentucky to see my spiritual sister Kim Upton and the Upton clan this weekend.

I've been building a TARDIS wit ha friend of mine. Don't know if I mentioned that or not. Rather he's building it and I'm paying for it. I'm the finder of the hard things too though. Like i found the little electronic doodad that will synch the lights to the trademark TARDIS sound and I ordered the authentic Police Callbox lock all the way from England. I also found the phone which will eventually ring and have some rather surprising voices on it. Our Maiden voyage will be on Iowa Public Television next weekend but we plan to set it up for the first time tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully it will actually travel through time and space and that way we won't have to drive it to Des Moines for the TV appearance next weekend.


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