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And so it goes

I just applied for a full time job at my old company and was quickly turned down. Maybe ageism, maybe the supposition that someone who was once making upwards of $80,000 at that same company won't be satisfied only making $32,000....little to do they know lol! These are things you have to look forward to if you lose your job in the second half of your life.

I've been making it on freelance work and art sales. I've got almost 50 pieces in galleries worldwide right now. I just added Budapest, Hungary to my list of countries I've shown in. Athens and Chania, Greece as well as Montreal, Canada earlier this year.

I've got a Pop-up gallery open in Dubuque, IA right now. Part of a co-op of artists and retailers taking advantage of a city-sponsored program to give free rent and utilities for 2 months to people who might want to open businesses in a depressed older shopping district. We've got a great building. Brick and wood built in the 1920's. Big front windows, tall ceilings and lots of light. It's got good bones and we even have a ghost named Orville. I've got over 60 pieces of my art showing in my gallery right now. We've been open since the first weekend of November. Only open Friday and Saturdays but I've been selling $100 a day so far. Do that for a whole month and I can pay my mortgage. It's a good dry run for a real gallery anyway.

I just came out with my new calendars. A fine Art Nudes calendar and a Severe Weather Calendar. I can take credit cards or checks. Both options are available on my website here: https://beardancerstudios.format.com/store


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