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Well the spiritual activity goes on. I got through a couple days of really stressful activity on the spiritual plane regarding finances and legal stuff. I stayed up until 4 am Wednesday night trying to put the finishing touches on 12 medicine wheels, 3 dream catchers and 2 necklaces which I fed exed out yesterday for my Dad. That will net me enough for the car rental on my vacation. Yeah!

This weekend will be spent in meditation for a lot of the time. Trying to find some answers to all this spiritual activity I'm to go through. You know spirits never talk in terms of exactly what is going to happen or when it is going to happen. They prefer to be a little more vague. Probably because the individual has some influence over the shape some things will take. It can be confusing though. The health issues continue and I find my thought processes are becoming a bit more muddled than usual. Probably all this aimed at getting me not to cling to familiar safety nets so I can let go and let other things in. It makes me nervous but I'm past the point of being really scared about all this. I know I have protection. My black tourmaline pendant is always close to my heart and that is one of the best protectors there is. Plus I've added a bloodstone ring which offers even more protection. Tonight when I meditate, I'll surround myself with a circle of sea salt so I can realx knowing nothing negative can cross into my space.

Invisibella took the time to mix for me two bottle of essential oils, one for focus called Wander's Focus and another for my time with the spirits called Wander's Meditation. Really nice stuff and I'll be using them this weekend as well. They help set a nice mood. I'll also be using the candles she sent for me.

I need to thank both Invisibella and Dragonfly for the insightful readings you both did for me. They lent a lot of clarity to all this activity.

I went a little further and asked my Shawnee friend Becky Starhawk, to ask her two spirit guides for a little more clarity. They came back with the following:

"Beware of lying to yourself. Shadow can be our greatest gift, but watch out for deceit. Slow down, calm down. Battle with immovable objects will make you ill. Don’t fight when the fight is pointless. If you can’t change their minds don’t waste your time and energies trying.

Clarify life’s direction and purpose. Discover your heritage! Which gifts, customs and attitudes of the Ancestors are worth preserving? Create a Spiritual family or join one. Don’t follow your path alone. Accept support and insight from your partner, family or friends.

Wake up! Watch out! Many powerful lessons have been pulled together by you recently, have you been inviting trouble? Don’t try too hard or be too serious. Lessons are to be learned to stay on the Sacred Path. Beware of deception/double dealing; this can cause trouble from any direction, probably from behind."

Interesting Eh? And very much relating to what I'm going through. To that end, I recently broke a connection with one of those immovable objects. That path is not my own and I don't need to try and go down it anymore. It's not something I can change and it's a relief not trying to change it any longer. I need to work on me for awhile.

Starhawk went a step further for me and cast a runestone for more information. What she came up with was pretty startling and seems to bode well for me. Here is that info:

"Out of my own curiosity I cast a Rune stone for you.  The cast resulted in Perth, the Rune of Initiation.
Meaning:  Powerful forces of change are at work here.  On the side of the earthly or mundane, there may well be surprises, unexpected gains or rewards.  On the side of human nature, this Rune is symbolized by the flight of eagle.  Soaring flight, free from entanglement, lifting yourself above the endless ebb and flow of ordinary life to acquire broader vision.  Perth stands at the very heart of initiation and is concerned with the deepest stratum of our being, the bedrock on which our destiny is founded.  Nothing external matters here, except as it shows you it's inner reflection.  If need be, let go of everything, no exceptions, no exclusions.  When you receive the Rune of Initiation, renewal of  your Spirit is at stake!


Jul. 22nd, 2001 07:45 pm (UTC)
Oooooh. You've got me all intrigued now. It's like a good mystery story. I can't put it down! What is the universe telling Wander? And I can't flip forward to see the last sentence of the next chapter! Aaaargh!
Jul. 23rd, 2001 10:04 am (UTC)
Actually it's going to be more like "what is the Universe doing to Wander?" Care to come and watch me flop like a fish? Things seem to be happening now. I need to get in some serious meditation/vision quest time tonight to get some answers. All this right before vacation, yeah!



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