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What I hate

You know what I flippin hate? I hate when people on LJ pretty much dare you to comment on what they have said and when you do, they are too scared to post anything in reply. If what they felt on the subject was so strong in the first place, then my measly little retort shouldn't have made a damn bit of difference. Case in point. Last weekend, my friend Namaste 21 made a comment in the Pagans community about an article which suggested the many ways in which Jesus might be seen as a Pagan. Well, she got the normal amount of people commenting to say they enjoyed the article or what not. Then about 8 comments into it, this dude chimes in saying that he's a "hard core christian" and that all these Pagan folks are wrong. He runs on at the mouth for a few more lines, bad spelling and all and then concludes by asking people to comment on his statement in his journal. So I did both at his journal site and as a comment on Namaste's original post. You can see the melee here. Jesus as a Witch

So I wait and wait and wait and still no reply to my comment by the originator of the comment I was relying to. Plenty of comments from both Pagans and Christians alike but none from the original guy. How sad that all he could do was lash out at a group he seems to have little understanding of and make an ass of himself. I wish people would grow some balls sometimes. I was all set for a good fight. Now I just feel unfulfilled. Where is Cuddles when you need him? At least there is a "hard core Christian" that fights back!.


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