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And So It Begins!

The Great Holiday Food Debacle started Tuesday officially. From now until the end of the year, our department (Art/Design and Production) will get all sorts of food presents from everyone we do business with in hopes we will continue to do business with them in the months to come. It's that great American Institutuion known as bribery. Just like in the political campaigns, we are being lobbied by special interest groups. They know we can't take money or tangible gifts so they figure the best way to our collective wallet is through our stomachs. By the second week of November, we will have a veritable smorgasbord of treats to choose from. From Chocolate covered pretzels to tins of imported European candies to rum cakes to flavored popcorns. And that's only the start. Printers and film houses will be knocking each other over, jockeying for position to take the department out to lunch or throw catered brunches for us. Yes, this is the season when diets go out the window. By New Year's, we will be in serious need of a resolution to lose weight. Last year, we even cancelled our department's Christmas party in favor of a vendor taking us to an expensive Italian restaurant for lunch. Even the freelance artisits get into the act. One local lady gives us jars of homemade ginger/caramel sauce for ice cream. Another invites all the photo editors to his home for a big party. Gotta love these fringe benefits around here.

In the midst of all this, I'm heavily involved in no less than 4 book brojects at the moment plus the company has decided to implement a new filing system for all our art. It's a long ass complicated numerical system and guess which one of us gets to test and implement it. If you guessed me, you win a cookie. We have plenty. Only bad side, is if the system gets screwed up, I'm the one everyone will blame even though someone in our Ohio office came up wtih the damned thing. Only a bunch of beureaucrats would come up with a more complicated system to replace a simple one that already works. Oh well. I don't have a choice on this one.

Speaking of choices, I bet one of the other photo editiors that Gore would win. If so, she owes me a dozen donuts. If Bush wins, I owe her 2 dozen apricot chew cookies. Not telling who I'm voting for because basically, I have yet to decide. It's coming down to who is in favor of most of my issues. Amazing how my issues have changed over the years. I think I'm turning into my dad.

Oh well, off to munch on some of the bribery goodies. Got another sale for my jewelry this weekend. Wish me luck.




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Nov. 3rd, 2000 06:19 pm (UTC)
Stop Wander Gettin Bribed With Food! Not Fair!
Damn it! I wish sombody would try to bribe me with food. I'm broke as hell and we keep NO food around the house. I got $15 to feed me until Friday. Right now I could probably be bought with a can of cheez-whiz! I'm not starving or anything but sheese, if anybody came up to me, oh say Wednesday when i'm sure to be flat broke, with a big ass steak cooked EXTEREMELY well done and offered it to me in exchange for, oh say my car....let's just say all they'd have to do is throw in a drink and some salad and I'd be full and my gas expenses would be WAY down.
I gotta start me some large influential group so people can bribe me.


Nov. 5th, 2000 12:08 pm (UTC)
Nah you just need a job where you hire contractors
Antime you have to contract out for work, those people are gonna bend over backwards to try to get you to hire them again. You should see the incentives I get from stock photo houses when I license their photos. Free points on Amazon.com and frequent flyer miles on American Airlines. I've got enough free miles to take a trip to Arizona in February. Hey, I can Fed Ex you some of this free food...hehehe.


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