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Well, I'll be at it again tomorrow night. It's the party to celebrate Rob's 30th birtday out at my farm. We got a special permit from the Fire Marshall and spared no expense. Robbie Caputo and I went Wednesday to our fireworks plant in Iowa and picked up $700 worth of wholesale Class B fireworks. So figure about $1200 worth if you bought it retail. Class B is somewhere between what you can buy in the fireworks stands in MO or TN or SC and dynamite or nitro. You can seriously blow stuff up with these things. Picture a string of 12,000 firecrakers all of which have more power than the old M-80's that are now illegal.

Then there is the BIG DOG. The 100 shot Thunder King. This thing is well named. Each shot goes up 300 feet and explodes with the force of 1/3 a stick of dynamite. Any firework that is packaged in plain brown paper with the hazardous material sticker on the side, you gotta worry about.

Hopefully the neighbors will bring their cows inside so we don't start a stampede...again.

I love the smell of gunpowder in the evening. It smells like....utter freaking joy, that's what it smells like!


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