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New Readings

I got a really good reading from my friend Starhawk yesterday. This was in response to a question of whether I would ever achieve balance in my life. Balance in several areas, financial, spiritual and love. I've felt kind of stagnant lately. On edge and wanting to get things done but unable to motivate myself to do them. In other words....Wander's got the blues. But I feel a little better today. Weekend's getting near. Plus we had a tremendous thunderstorm last night. Lightning and high winds. I felt very refreshed with new energy moving through me. I think the current planetary alignments and astrological good news for Pisces may have a good deal to do with it as well. Thanks to Dragonfly and Invisibella for reporting on it in your journals. So hopefully this will be a produictive day and hopefully the wekend will be as well. The folks will be out next week and I'll need an extra bit of strength to keep up with Dad and the projects he has planned. Without further adieu, here is my reading from Starhawk.

"You are going to overcome the fears you have associated with this question and continue your journey toward rebirth.  You need to do some soul searching, look to the untapped depths within. Someone, an elder, will help you, you need to listen and accept the guidance offered.  This was repeated in that you should NOT discount the help being offered. 

 You are ready to find strength through Spirit.  Use your intuition and you will find clear progress through a healing path.  There will be a discovery of information that will bring understanding and give you wisdom.  You will make contact with something past (could be a previous life) and again, something you may have ignored will be understood and bring the truth into the open for you.  Look beneath the surface for a revelation of hidden knowledge and you will attain your goal.

 You do, however, need to slow down and don’t rush new opportunities.  Take some time to step back and examine what has already been done before you proceed.  Finally, the cycle of life, death, and rebirth will continue for you, you will find the balance within to bring you wholeness, completion."


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