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What a great Damned Day

Just got back from a late lunch. I spent the morning hagling with an artist I hired about changes he needed to make on his art before I agree to pay him. Other than that, the morning went smooth if not busy. My girlfriend works for the same company as I do so three days a week we go to lunch together. We generally go to a local deli and grab a sandwich and head home to watch either her soap opera or Northern Exposure reruns on A & E. Sometimes we get a wild hair and have a sit down meal at a restaurant. Today we did the sandwich and soap opera thing.

We both agreed we would rather be doing almost anything than heading back to work for the afternoon. Finally, after a very cold week last week, the temps are back up to 80 today. It's beautiful with a slight breeze and the trees turning colors nicely. We drove back from lunch through a rich section of town known as Peoria Heights. We live just on the edge of this in a pretty wealthy neighborhood even though we don't qualify as wealthy. Anyway, the sun was out and you get a good view of the river on the drive back.

There were people out walking their dogs and right smack in the middle of all these little shops and rich people's houses was this absolutely stunning brunette jogging in a tube top and the tightest little red shorts. Lots of leg and nice flat belly showing. I almost wrecked the car. If Deb hadn't been in the car with me, I probably would have. The gods are smiling on me today I swear.

When I get off work, Deb and I will head to my farm in the country for the weekend. My cousin who does the actual planting and harvesting for me, just harvested all the soybeans. So now I'll have these nice bare fields to go 4 wheeling in and generally driving like a maniac. It's the one place I can get away with drinking and driving. Worst I can do is drive into my neighbor's corn field. Having the crops out also gives me better access to my woods which is good for the deer hunters who have stands up as well as for me as I have to start cutting firewood for the winter. I don't burn any but I have an elderly aunt and uncle who have a wood stove and the more I cut, the less they have to buy.

I'm really looking forward to getting away as this week has been a pain. Hope everyone else has a great weekend.


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