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Just another Redneck weekend

Some people just should not wear spandex. Spandex was not made for everyone. I wish some people would realize that. I'm tall and weirdly shaped and have no ass so I stay as far away from form fitting clothing as is possible. I wish other people would do the same. Spandex is made to show off really nice looking parts. If you have parts that are otehr than nice looking then please leave the Spandex pants, tank tops and t-shirts at home.

Other than scads of white trash people running around in Spandex, it was a good weekend. We went out to the park Friday evening and set up our show tent and tables and case. Then we spentthe night in Rushville and drove back the next day. We sold Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday. We were under the same nice big oak tree we were under last year, nice and shady. We had a cool breeze most of the time. Temps were in the high 70's except for Monday when we hit 90. We were in the primitive craft area so for all intents and purposes it was a lot like a Renn Faire except more geared toward Pioneer America than old Europe. All the vendors including us were dressed in period costume. Deb and I were in peasant shirts and leather vests and mocassin all decked out with our best jewelry. I had my black bowler hat on as well.

We sold very well. Amazingly though we did the bulk of our business in our lower priced items. Bracelets, earrings and sharks tooth necklaces for the kiddies. I did sell two dreamcatchers I had just made in large part to kids having seen them on "Cow and Chicken". I made some really nice medicine wheels as well. I was proud of myself. Deb had to make new bracelets almost continuously to keep up with demand. We fianlly hit a point on Moday we we said fuck it, what we have is what we have. But we managed to pay for all of our supplies and still make $375 profit. Not too bad for sitting around out under the trees and enjoying the atmospher all weekend.

The only bad part of it all was, we were right beside the folks making fresh stew in bread bowls. Next to them were the kettle corn people. Across the way were the people selling hot fruit pippins and them right across from us were the couple making homemade ice cream. Needless to say, I blew my diet several time over. But they did give free food out to us and the other vendors which was really nice of them. On the otehr side of us in the old log cabin were this husband and wife team also named Deb and Mark so that got confusing from time to time. She sold dried plants and he was making willow furniture and the smell from those two things was really pleasant all weekend. Plus we had wandering muscians in and out who were playing old folk tunes and everyone in the camp would all start singing when they would show up.

We have been doing this show for three years and the other vendors are getting to know us. So we got invited to do a bunch of other shows with them. We are committed to a new show in Lomax on September 29th. But the first two weekends of October when we usually do Spoon River Drive (and freeze our asses off outside) we got invited to do the Abingdon Fall Color Drive which is an indoor venue. So now I get to finally say "Kiss my big white butt Spoon River Drive Comittee with your high prices and taking 10% of my gross!" Abingdon costs much less and we get electricity for only $10 if we need it. We could also do Pioneer emcampments in either Godfrey or Kampsville on those weekends if Lomax or Abingdon falls through. So I'm really happy we have more opportunities to market our stuff. This just means we have to spend all our free time making jewlery for the next three weekends but it will be worth it.

Got home last night to find our oldest cat Bugsy severely dehydrated. Seems she went into renal failure early yesterday morning. So we had to take her to the emergency vet last night and then to our animal hospital this morning. They have her on an IV now and are trying to stabilize her and run tests so they can tell us what we should do next. It could mean we get to have her around a few more years and just modify her diet or it could mean we need to put her down. We won't know until this afternoon at least. I'll need to do a special ritual for her tonight no matter what the outcome of this is. She is almost 20 years old though so we had expected something like this at some point. Luckily Deb has off work today because she's a mess right now.

Well I guess I should get to work now so I'll go.

Oh yeah, everyone I owe jewelry too should get it this week or early next week.




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Sep. 4th, 2001 09:53 am (UTC)
1. Spandex is scary and should be banned along with Speedos.

2. Poor kity.

3. You should try to get product placement on "Cow and Chicken."

4. Poor kitty.
Sep. 4th, 2001 10:01 am (UTC)
Thanks about the kitty. Deb is supposed to call in a few minutes and check on her. If we have to put her down she wants to take her to the farm for burial.

Yeah, Cow and Chicken netted us $20 profit this weekend. Pretty good for a cartoon I've never even seen before.


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