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Anthrax Status

Well at the moment we have to consider that no news is good news after our Anthrax alert of yesterday afternoon. All the people who were in the vicinity have been medically evaluated and the area where the package sat has been disinfected throuroughly. It was pretty tense there for a little bit though. We had to keep all the employees out of the front lobby and even the cleaning lady had to stop cleaning until they could check all around the building for anything else that might be suspicious. Scary thing around here is all our mail including UPS and Fed Ex comes to the mail room where it all sits together and then our mail room guy sorts it and brings it around to everyone's office. So in the event that a deadly contagion comes to us by mail, that letter or package comes in contact with the mail of just about everyone else here. It was an average day yesterday and I recieved two Fed Ex packages, 4 boxes and 6 letters via the Post Office and 3 boxes from UPS and I didn't even get the most mail. So you can see how panic could quickly get out of hand around here. Luckily it hasn't. Everyone is here and going through their normal routine. Luckily not that many people were still here when it happened. But there have been plenty of discussions around the coffee pot this morning about what happened so I think by now everyone in the building is aware of what went on. Now we just have to wait for all the lab reports to get back and see.

Except for a nasty dream about opening a Fed EX envelope laced with Anthrax spores I'm OK. The tornado that was expected last night never materialized. We got a huge storm instead and I spent the night at the farm and drove back this morning in the fog. The muted fall colors on the trees looks wonderful.



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